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Nestle/Poland Spring Response To Class Action Lawsuit

Recently, we published an article regarding the new Poland Spring Class Action Lawsuit. Shortly after we published, we were sent a Poland Spring response when a spokesperson for Nestlé Waters North America reached out to us to say the following:

“For more than 170 years, Poland Spring® has delivered great tasting spring water from Maine to millions of people in the Northeast.  The claims made in the lawsuit are without merit and an obvious attempt to manipulate the legal system for personal gain.  Poland Spring® is 100% spring water.  It meets the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations defining spring water, all state regulations governing spring classification for standards of identity, as well as all federal and state regulations governing spring water collection, good manufacturing practices, product quality and labeling.  We remain highly confident in our legal position.”

To read our original post, regarding the lawsuit, please click here.

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1 thoughts on “Nestle/Poland Spring Response To Class Action Lawsuit”

  • Have never heard of such a ridiculous lawsuit. Suer states it is ground water ? Where in H do they think the water comes from in aquifers and springs. Through the ground of course.

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