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PeopleConnect Yearbook Class Lawsuit

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PeopleConnect Inc. Yearbook Class Action Lawsuit – Classmates Site Sued For Using Photos Without Consent

PeopleConnect Inc., the creator of, was charged with a class action lawsuit for allegedly using photos without its owners’ permission.

The Lawsuit

The lead plaintiff, an Ohio resident, named Barbara Knapke, filed the lawsuit against PeopleConnect.Inc in March 2021 in a Washington federal court.

The lead plaintiff claims that used photos from her yearbook for an advertisement on their website. 

However, the lead plaintiff asserts that the website did not ask for her permission to use the images.

The lead plaintiff alleges that there are also other people whose photos were used by the company without their knowledge.

The lawsuit seeks to represent individuals living in Ohio whose yearbook photos were used by the company for marketing purposes without their consent.

Plaintiff Allegations

The lawsuit declares that, owned by Seattle-based company PeopleConnect Inc., uses personal private information from people.

This information includes photographs, schools attended, names, and other confidential biographical details.

The lawsuit argues that the information is stored in the company’s database. Also, the data can be associated with a particular individual.

The lawsuit adds that makes some of the information accessible to its users for free.

Meanwhile, for their premium users, more information and images are available to be accessed.

The lead plaintiff asserts that the company uses the photos without obtaining permission or authorization from the owners to use them.

In particular, the lead plaintiff complains that her yearbook photo was available to access for free preview access on the company’s website to be used by its users without her knowledge.

The lead plaintiff claims that the website also featured her full name, together with the photo, without getting consent from her to use them on their website.

The lead plaintiff argues that the company has violated laws by showing personal information on their website without the individuals’ approval.

She argues that the company should not sell an individual’s personal information in any advertisement on their website. 

The lead claims that PeopleConnect Inc. has breached state laws by using a person’s image and personal information for marketing purposes.

Related Lawsuit

In 2020, was also charged with a related lawsuit due to allegedly using yearbook photos on their website without the knowledge of their owners.

The lead plaintiffs, Lawrence Abraham, and Meredith Callahan, assert that personal information about them, including schools, attended and clubs participated in, is also available on the website without their consent.

The lawsuit argues that the use of their information without their approval is a violation of their privacy rights.

The case adds that the company should ask for permission from the people involved or have an agreement with them about the terms before using any of the photos.

The lawsuit also complains that the company has not yet revealed how they could access the yearbook photos and information about the individuals posted on their website. 

The company has not issued any statement. However, it was revealed that they ask for old yearbook donations.

Editor’s Note on PeopleConnect Inc. Yearbook Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is published to inform you of the latest lawsuit filed against PeopleConnect Inc. for allegedly using photos without owners’ consent on their Classmates website.

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