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Nutrition Distribution Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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Nutrition Distribution Brings Class Action On Other Supplement Makers

Recently, the Arizona-based Miranda Law Firm filed two cases with its plaintiff Nutrition Distribution LLC, an Arizona supplement company who develops and manufactures nutritional supplements in the form of capsules and tablets in the United States. Within the two cases, the plaintiffs are suing three other supplement companies, Black Diamond Supplements, Supplement Fusion, LLC, and Nexxt Level Nutrition, LLC (who, I assume, take even basic spelling and grammar and get it swole).

The complaints stem from a trademark law claim and allege that the defendants used false and misleading advertising with their products, which are mislabeled and advertised as dietary supplements when they contain caffeine and an amphetamine derivative.

For your convenience, copies of both complaints are shown below.

Nutrition Distribution’s Past

The Board members of Nutrition Distribution are strangers to cases like these when they took to the courts to crack down on competitors that are purportedly selling drug-laced products in October of 2015. This case was decided in front of the California courts where Nutrition Distribution accused numerous companies of selling products that contain a synthetic drug known as Ostarine (a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), or substance that has similar effects to illegal anabolic steroids and is presently under investigation as a new pharmaceutical drug).

It appears that the company’s strategy is both simple and novel. They fight to weed out products that are advertised as dietary supplements but contain illegal substances. It seems to be a good way to cut down competition while keeping the entire market safe of banned substances and possible harm.

If you have been affected by these recent lawsuits please contact us immediately.

We will be reaching out to the Miranda Law Firm shortly to see if they have any input to add or updates on the case. When/if they respond, we will post an update here.

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