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Luis Becerra Vs. In-N-Out Illegally Firing Employee

Class Actions

Luis Becerra Vs. In-N-Out – Illegally Firing Employee Class Action Lawsuit

In-N-Out Illegally Fired One Of Their Former Employees In Retaliation Of Them Reporting On The Working Conditions To The Authorities

A past In-N-Out Burger employee has filed a class action lawsuit against the food chain restaurant after he allegedly got fired through illegal means by the company for reporting to the authorities the working health conditions present in the workplace in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Former Employee Fires Back

Complainant Luis Becerra argued that In-N-Out management laid him off last year as retaliation after he reported his employers to the local authorities. 

He made the report when he noticed his co-workers exhibiting symptoms tied to COVID-19. He believed that he is not the only In-N-Out employee who has been given the boot by the company for sounding off alert to the working conditions present in the workplace during a public health crisis. 

Becerra started working for In-N-Out as a butcher five years ago. During his tenure, he was always given a write-up by the company whenever he would call off sick at work or file a leave that would get the management’s prior approval. 

He shared that he would always have a medical certificate or documentation at hand to prove to the management that he had valid reasons for his leave. 

The class action contended that the plaintiff got multiple written warnings from his managers about the leaves but was always allowed to return to work soon after. 

However, when COVID-19 hit, and he saw his colleagues work while they exhibit signs of the virus after not being given proper medical leave, he decided to report to the authorities the situation. 

Soon after, he was then given a final warning by the management for his attendance issues. He then was again forced to take leave at work to care for his sick daughter and another instance to recuperate from an asthma attack. He got fired soon after. 

More Details

Plaintiff Becerra is suing In-N-Out for allegedly using his valid medical leaves to fire him in retaliation for him ratting out the company to the authorities.

Additionally, the class action contended that the company also failed to pay the complainant’s final wages and to provide truthful wage statements. Files were also allegedly not provided in a timely fashion to the requesting personnel. 

Becerra is asking the court to hold In-N-Out accountable for alleged violations of the California Private Attorneys General Act. He is seeking to represent all affected employee parties that were gravely affected by the company’s management’s violation of different labor codes. Each one can cost up to $10,000 per proven violation. 

This is not the only labor dispute In-N-Out has faced throughout the years. The company has also gotten in trouble in the past for allegedly discriminating against older workers and African-American applicants. 

About In-N-Out

In-N-Out Burgers Inc., or simply referred to as In-N-Out in this feature, is a regional fast-food retail chain with over 200 locations spread across the states of Arizona, California, and Nevada. Founded in 1948, the company is well known for its hamburgers and other snack offerings. The company is headed by its CEO Lynsi Snyder and calls Irvine, California, its home. 

Editor’s Note on Luis Becerra Vs. In-N-Out – Illegally Firing Employee Class Action Lawsuit: 

This news feature aims to report the lawsuit filed against In-N-Out for allegedly illegally firing one of their employees in retaliation after the employee reported to the authorities the working conditions present in the workplace. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Luis Becerra v. In-N-Out Burger; Case No. 21STCV17045

Jurisdiction: Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles

Allegation(s): In-N-Out’s termination of one of its employees is against the law. 

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