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Disney Minimum Wages California Class Action Lawsuit 2021 - Is Disney Violating Fair Wages Law Measure L

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Disney Minimum Wages California Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Is Disney Violating Fair Wages Law Measure L?

Class Action: Disney Not Paying Their Employees A Liveable Wage, Violating The Law As A Consequence 

Disney employees are given the opportunity to push through with their class action regarding fair wages as a California judge has given their seal of approval for legal proceedings to continue. 

Latest Court Decision Sides With Disney Workers

According to online reports, the judge from the State of California’s Orange County Superior Court has sided with the Disney workers acting as complainants in the Disney Minimum Wages California Class Action Lawsuit. Judge William D. Claster has allowed the legal hearings for the lawsuit filed against Disney to move forward.

The Disney Minimum Wages California Class Action Lawsuit is a legal challenge lodged against behemoth Disney arguing that the company was violating California law by not providing liveable wages to their employees. 

Originally filed almost two years ago, Disney workers involved in the case argued that they should receive compensation of $15 per hour as computed and determined to be the appropriate living wage. Nowadays, the amount has increased to $17.

However, according to the lawsuit and other reports done by independent third parties, labor groups, and organizations, many Disney employees who were also part of a union group received less than $15 an hour as their wages. 

In fact, a report released before the lawsuit filing has detailed the difficult lives many Disney workers have, and one of their struggles was trying to make ends meet with the very low wages Disney was giving to them. Employees are said to face many challenges ranging from food insecurity and hunger to homelessness. 

Disney Required By Law To Change Its Employee Wages Structure – Class Action

The allegations raised against Disney were in relation to the recently passed legislation called Measure L, which was voted by California citizens. In it, resort owners that receive a subsidy from a city, including Disney, are required by the law to pay their workers a liveable wage of at least $15 per hour.

An annual increase of one dollar is included in the measure until 2022, when the payment reaches $18 per hour. Then, companies are ordered to compute future employee compensation wages based on the cost-of-living index in their localities. 

Legal representatives of Disney employees contended that Disney is covered by the provisions of Measure L because they received Anaheim City funds when they partnered with each other for a parking garage construction project. 

Disney’s legal team has argued that they should not be covered by the law’s mandate, for the money they have received from the city government is not considered a subsidy. The ongoing legal matter also involves Disney’s contractors in its Anaheim resort Sodexo and SodexoMagic. 

Editor’s Note on Disney Minimum Wages California Class Action Lawsuit 2021: 

This feature details the latest news about the class lawsuit lodged against multibillion-dollar company Disney by their employees asking for a change in their workers’ compensation packages. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Disney Minimum Wages California Class Action

Jurisdiction: State of California’s Orange County Superior Court

Products/Services Involved: Measure L Law

Allegation(s): Disney employees do not receive a liveable wage as mandated by the Californian Measure L bill

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