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Clearview AI Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Clearview AI Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Illegally Collected And Shared User Information With Government?

Clearview AI is accused by a collective of California-based groups and private individuals of allowing several law enforcement agencies to access its massive database – this along with other malicious acts of the company that are potentially violating laws and regulations. 

Per a report, entities such as California groups Norcal Resist and Mijente, alongside a few private persons, are on their way to demand a California court to force Clearview AI to eliminate its collected data of Californians that were allegedly collated by them without the person’s express prior consent. 

Clearview AI was able to amass a lot of data and was able to build a comprehensive database containing people’s information by going over through sources that are available on the Internet. 

Source information includes pictures, documents, and other valuable forms of data. 

The Clearview AI (artificial intelligence) company is known for its face recognition technologies and capabilities. 

They were reportedly able to develop their methodology by going through millions upon millions of publicly available photos on the web in order to develop a comprehensive facial imprints system and other invaluable collections of a person’s information. 

It was reported that Clearview AI’s database is seven times larger than that of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 

This just shows how much a behemoth the company is in the industry. 

These large amounts of data are then allegedly shared with government agencies and authorities to which they are used for a variety of reasons – from tracking citizens to the much darker purpose of monitoring dissident voices in society. 

Also, the complainants point out that authorities and even private organizations can monitor a person’s actions and even potentially harm their freedom of speech and expression using the data being collected and provided by Clearview AI as their service. 

It is worth noting that Clearview AI is also knowingly offering its services to organizations and government officials in areas wherein the use of facial recognition technology is considered illegal. 

An official from Clearview AI has released a statement vehemently denying that its facial recognition system is against the law – affirming that the company is operating and is strictly in compliance with all the existing laws of the land.

Company CEO Hoan Ton also went public with a statement denying allegations of Clearview AI being racially biased and that its facial recognition technology is being used to cause harm towards people of color compared to caucasian individuals. 

Observers alleged that Clearview AI’s technology was being racist and was leading to more incidents of wrongful arrests for people of color. 

This is not the first time the company has been in trouble with the law for the alleged illegal acts.

Clearview AI is also facing a class action lawsuit in the state of Illinois for allegedly violating the state’s biometric privacy law.

Meanwhile, the company is banned from being used by Canadian law enforcement agencies.  

Editor’s Note on Clearview AI Class Action Lawsuit 2021:

This news feature aims to give you the latest information about the class action lawsuit filed against Clearview AI after it allegedly collected user information and shared it without prior consent. 

They even shared these pieces of information with authorities who have used them for malicious purposes. 

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