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Birth Injury Class Action Lawsuit Investigation 2021

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Birth Injury Class Action Lawsuit Investigation – Parents May Take Legal Action If Their Children Experienced A Birth Injury

Parents With Children Suffering From Birth Defects May Take Legal Action Against Erring Hospitals And Doctors 

Birth injuries may cause long-lasting effects to an infant and will ultimately affect their wellbeing when they grow up. Brain damages, one of the most prevalent birth injuries, can be caused by a lot of factors.

Authorities cite reasons such as lack of oxygen supply, issues with the placenta, and premature births. The brain damage may also occur while the child is still inside the mother’s womb. 

Infant brain injuries may be very hard to detect because infants cannot speak, and symptoms may be hard to see. There are many types of brain damages in infants. Some of them are cerebral palsy, nerve damages, seizures, etc. 

Cerebral palsy is an ailment that affects a range of bodily functions of a person, including hearing, cognitive ability, movement, and sight. Caused by a series of factors ranging from uterine rapture to brain hemorrhage, cerebral palsy may range from mild to severe. 

Spastic Cerebral Palsy, another type of cerebral palsy, is an ailment wherein a patient’s muscles tighten, which leads to them stiffen and spasm. 

There are many subtypes of spastic cerebral palsy that affect certain parts of the body. 

The most severe of them all is Spastic Quadriplegia, wherein a child’s whole body is affected. Because of its severity, a child with Spastic Quadriplegia is often a wheelchair user and has very limited mobility. 

Newborns may also suffer from a series of nerve damages. Some of them may heal on their own, but some would need medical intervention such as surgery to remedy the damage. 

Medical experts have suggested that having your child checked early on would be great in order for experts to have an early diagnosis of the injury. This can make treatment more effective and can drastically improve the situation of your child. 

Though these aforementioned injuries may be caused by several congenital factors, a good number of them are caused by medical malpractice and are avoidable to an extent. 

Injuries occur when an attending physician fails to follow proper birth delivery protocols and guidelines, not using the proper tools, and made medical decisions that end up harming the newborn and even the mother. 

Many parents whose children are afflicted with injuries may not know that their loved one’s injury may be avoidable because they end up accepting their child’s unfortunate fate. 

However, parents can launch legal action in order to seek an investigation for the attending physician’s course of action and even obtain monetary compensation for the damages incurred.

Editor’s Note on Birth Injury Class Action Lawsuit Investigation: 

This feature aims to give you a quick primer regarding birth injuries and how parents or relatives of children suffering from these ailments can possibly seek legal action for alleged medical malpractice. 

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