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Amazon White Male Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit - Racist Policies Against White Male Sellers?

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Amazon White Male Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit – Racist Policies Against White Male Sellers?

Amazon Allegedly Discriminates White Male Sellers, Class Action Lawsuit Says

According to a recent class action lawsuit, Amazon openly designed, advertised, marketed, and implemented various race-, sex-, and LGBT status-based policies as well as programs for its website that tempt, influence, and steer customers away from its unfavored heterosexual White male sellers.

Amazon Website’s Alleged Discrimination Against White Heterosexual Men

According to the lawsuit, Amazon’s sexist policies and programs restrict sellers who are male, non-binary, or transgender men of full and fair accommodations, advantages, privileges, and services.

Plaintiff Jonathan Correll points to a section of Amazon’s website called “Minority Report” that includes two subcategories named “Misc. BOB [Black Owned Business] Products” as well as “Buy Black.” The said subcategories list everything from cosmetic products and candles to tea, supplements, books, food, kitchen equipment, toothpaste, and jewelry, all of which are sold exclusively by Black sellers.

According to the Amazon White Male Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit, Amazon does not have an equal web page, a section of its website, or a program for sellers from different racial groups. For example, there is no “Buy Asian,” “Buy Latinx,” “Buy Native American,” or “Buy Caucasian” page.

In addition, the most obvious example of Amazon’s racist programs is the known “Black Business Accelerator” program, which provides valuable benefits to Black sellers regardless of their income or level of success in business.

Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator is focused on assisting Black entrepreneurs in achieving long-term equity and growth by facilitating their success as sellers on Amazon. Access to financial assistance, strategic business guidance as well as mentorship, and also marketing and promotional assistance.

According to the complaint, Amazon reserves its highest discrimination and dislike for heterosexual White males, despite the fact that its website proclaims that diversity, equity, and inclusion are good for business.

Jonathan Correll v. Inc. et al.

Correll lists examples of claimed discrimination in the complaint, including:

  • Amazon’s Seller Certification program
  • Link to shop Hispanic and Latino goods for Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Guided Buying policy, and
  • Discover Women-Owned Businesses webpage

An online store or website that promotes or highlights sellers and their products solely on the basis of race and refuses to acknowledge equal accommodations, advantages, facilities, privileges, or services to members of any other race is racist and in violation of California Civil Code sections 51 and 51.5, according to the Amazon White Male Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit.

California Civil Code Section 51 (The Unruh Civil Rights Act) protects individuals in California against discrimination based on their age, color, ancestry, disability, religion, sex, national origin, race, or sexual orientation. On another note, 51.5 states that no business establishment of any type shall discriminate against, boycott or blacklist, or refuse to contract with, purchase from, sell to, or trade with any individual in California.

Correll seeks an injunction prohibiting Amazon from engaging in the claimed unlawful activities, as well as an order forcing Amazon officers and employees to participate in diversity, inclusion, and equity training, as well as statutory damages and attorneys’ fees.

Editor’s Note on Amazon White Male Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is written to inform you of the class action lawsuit lodged against by a heterosexual White male seller over the company allegedly designing policies and programs for other races, sex, and LGBT, unfairly. A similar lawsuit was also filed against the company for its sexism against female staff.

Case Name & No.: Jonathan Correll v. Inc. et al., Case No. 3:21-cv-01833-BTM-MDD

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California

Allegations: designed policies and programs that affect heterosexual White male sellers negatively

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