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Amazon Off-The-Clock Work Class Action Lawsuit - Staff Forcefully Made To Work For Free

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Amazon Off-The-Clock Work Class Action Lawsuit – Staff Forcefully Made To Work For Free?

Class Action Accuses Amazon Of Not Properly Paying Its Warehouse Employees For Off-The-Clock Work Duties 

Amazon is accused of violating labor laws by allegedly requiring its warehouse employees to perform off-the-clock work duties before and after they officially start their shifts. 

Jennifer Vincenzetti v. Services LLC

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The Amazon Off-The-Clock Work Class Action Lawsuit is a legal case launched by complainant Jennifer Vincenzetti. She, a former Amazon warehouse worker, filed the class action against after the company allegedly violated the law due to its policy regarding off-the-clock work responsibilities on its employees. 

The class action details that Amazon’s policies regarding how its workers are not allowed to clock in early or late for work. The company threatens its employees with termination if they are not following their company policy religiously. 

The complainant shares that she got fired in a Colorado Amazon warehouse after she reportedly returned late from taking a previous work break. Vincenzetti worked for the online retailer for around two years as an hourly compensated employee. 

Further information shows how Amazon required its employees to perform off-the-clock work duties such as discussing with shift supervisors and others before being permitted to officially clock in for work and start their shift for the day. 

Amazon’s Alleged Workers’ Rights Violations, Exposed

It is said that they were not properly paid for the off-the-clock tasks, hence, a purported violation of the law. In addition, the off-the-clock work duties were increased by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

She adds that employees were forced to undergo routine health checks that last for minutes to up to an hour – this happens even before an employee is considered to be officially clocked in and at work. 

Vincenzetti retorts that any work duty performed for more than a minute should be properly compensated for per Colorado laws. Thus she and other workers should be able to enjoy payments for their off-the-clock work to which they routinely perform without getting paid by Amazon. 

More Class Action Details 

The Amazon Off-The-Clock Work Class Action Lawsuit aims to take Amazon to court for alleged violations of the Wage Claim Act and Minimum Wage Act. 

A Class group consisting of former and current Amazon warehouse workers who were required to perform off-the-clock work responsibilities without getting compensation for it is being forwarded alongside the class action.  

This is not the first time Amazon faced legal challenges questioning several of its employment practices. 

Consider The Consumer will bring you the latest information regarding this matter as soon as they are released to the public. 

Editor’s Note on Amazon Off-The-Clock Work Class Action Lawsuit: 

This class action article discusses the latest legal case against Amazon by one of its former warehouse workers after allegedly suffering mistreatment from the online retailer concerning compulsive off-the-clock work. We also recommend you read about the Amazon $1000 Compensation To Each Customer Scheme. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Jennifer Vincenzetti v. Services LLC; Case No.: 1:21-cv-02681

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the District of Colorado      

Allegation(s): Amazon reportedly required its workers to perform off-the-clock work without paying them the proper compensation. 

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