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Amazon NY AG Lawsuit

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Amazon NY AG Lawsuit – Amazon Vs New York Attorney General Over…

Amazon Charged New York Attorney General With A Lawsuit

Amazon, an American multinational technology company, filed a lawsuit against New York’s attorney general to preempt New York’s state from taking legal actions against the company.

New York AG Lawsuit

In February 2021, Amazon sued New York Attorney General Letitia James.

The lawsuit was filed in response to allegations Amazon has faced regarding COVID-19 restrictions.

It was reported that the NY AG asserts that Amazon may have violated some laws regarding its employee’s rights during the early months of the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the lawsuit, the NY AG has overstepped its bounds. Amazon adds that they legally threatened Amazon and demanded the company to surrender its profits.

Besides, Amazon contends that federal label and safety laws outweigh state regulations.

Amazon COVID 19 Lawsuits

Amazon was put in the spotlight ten months ago due to protests and complaints from their employees. 

Christian Smalls, an Amazon worker and labor rights activist, submitted a class action lawsuit against Amazon in New Jersey for allegedly placing their Black and Hispanic workers at risk.

According to Smalls, Amazon coronavirus response is inadequate since there is not enough protection in place to keep their Staten Island employees safe.

Smalls has been fired by Amazon after the said employee has led protests despite being on paid quarantine.

A separate class action lawsuit was filed by Amazon’s employees in their Staten Island facility.

This lawsuit asserts that the company has failed to pay the employees of their COVID-19 leaves promptly.

Amazon View and Statement

The people working in Amazon view it as being unfairly judged. The company asserts that it has implemented enough COVID-19 safety measures and precautions.

According to the company, the Amazon Covid 19 precautions they took included plans for testing and rolling out vaccines to their employees.

The company also contends that on March 30, 2020, a surprise inspection was conducted in their Staten Island warehouse, which the company could pass.

During the inspection check, social distancing signs, temperature check stations, and shift management were observed and noted by the city inspector.

Amazon argues that the office of the attorney general (OAG) has disregarded the documentation submitted by the company and has unfairly charged them with violations.

As of September 2020, 1.44% of Amazon frontline employees have been diagnosed with COVID-19. This is around 19,000 employees.

Amazon NY AG Lawsuit Letitia James

New York Attorney General Letitia James

NY AG Response

According to the lawsuit, Amazon has shown a blatant disregard for their employees’ safety against coronavirus in two of their facilities found in New York.

The two facilities in question are their distribution center in Queens and their fulfillment center in Staten Island.

New York Attorney General Letitia James argues that the company has taken illegal measures to retaliate against its employees.

This is in response to Amazon’s firing of Christian Smalls after he has protested during his paid quarantine.

The lawsuit filed by the attorney general aims to compensate individuals that have incurred damages during protests conducted against Amazon’s COVID-19 precautions.

It also seeks to mandate the company to upgrade its existing safety protocols.

Editor’s Note on Amazon NY AG Lawsuit:

This article is published to update you of the latest lawsuit filed by Amazon against the NY AG, Letitia James.

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