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Amazon Flex Drivers Background Check Class Action Lawsuit

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Amazon Flex Drivers Background Check Class Action Lawsuit – Illegal Checks On New Delivery Drivers?

Amazon Conducted Unlawful Background Checks On Its Flex Driver Program Applicants 

Online retail behemoth and Internet company Amazon is alleged to have performed illegal background checks as part of its hiring mechanisms covering its fleet of Flex delivery drivers.

Narek Mike Melikyan v. Inc., et al.

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Led by leading complainant Narek Mile Melikyan, the Amazon Flex Drivers Background Check Class Action Lawsuit accuses defendants Inc., Services, Inc., Amazon Logistics, Inc., and other additional parties probably involved in the case of violating the law when they conducted unwarranted and unlawful background checks on individuals looking to join Amazon as an Amazon Flex Driver. 

Melikyan, an Amazon Flex Driver, hired in the third quarter of 2019, shares that the background checks are a part of Amazon’s employee hiring process that he underwent. Almost a year later, he got a copy of his background check report containing different documents and potentially sensitive information. 

Then, he had a sudden realization that the company failed to ask for him to submit a disclosure form in compliance with different laws when the background checks were conducted. 

More About The Case

The Amazon Flex Drivers Background Check Class Action Lawsuit contends that Amazon has failed to hand out its would-be employees a disclosure form that met the standards set by the different rules and regulations covering such documents. 

It continues that the disclosure form, if given by Amazon to its Flex drivers, contains inaccurate, vague, and erroneous provisions. In addition, the employee form allegedly did not explicitly explain the limits of the background checks the company will conduct once commenced. 

Further, the class action filing wants to form and represent a Class group involving other like situated members whose private information has been accessed by Amazon as part of its Amazon Flex Driver’s employment processes. 

The Amazon Flex Drivers Background Check Class Action Lawsuit is not the sole legal action hurdled against Amazon for its alleged violations of the law pertaining to its delivery drivers. The company is also facing multiple suits accusing it of different purported violations of a number of labor laws, such as off-the-clock work lawsuit.        

Editor’s Note on Amazon Flex Drivers Background Check Class Action Lawsuit: 

This report provides you with the key details in the case where Amazon is taken to court by one of its Flex delivery drivers for alleged transgressions of different legal statutes.   

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Narek Mike Melikyan v. Inc., et al.; Case No.: 2:21-cv-08715-FMO-E 

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Central District of California   

Allegation(s): Amazon conducted illegal background checks on its Flex Drivers Program applicants in violation of the law.      

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