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Amazon Delivery Driver Class Action Investigation

Amazon: Are They Paying Their Delivery Drivers Correctly?

In 2019, a class action lawsuit investigation was started to help delivery drivers get back their wages withheld from them illegally.

Amazon has steadily been growing over the years, and logistics companies have popped up to meet the increasing demand for delivery services for the e-commerce giant. 

Known as delivery service providers, they have an agreement with Amazon to hire drivers, dispatchers, and employees who can complete the delivery of items for Amazon and its affiliates with an investment of as little as $10,000.

Everything You Need To Know

There are allegations that the delivery service providers get their vehicles, uniforms, and delivery training from Amazon, but they seem to not have included the right tools to make sure the companies pay their employees properly.

The drivers may have been hired by third-party service providers, but the e-commerce giant still has a legal obligation to make sure their hired help is paid the right wages.

There were even claims that Amazon sent an email asking the delivery service providers to pay their employees hourly wages, including overtime, instead of a per-day basis.

That Amazon knew it was responsible for the delivery employees to be paid based on what the law requires but chose to hide behind its third-party service providers.

Several wage issues were part of the complaints of the delivery associates.

  • They worked overtime and did not get time-and-a-half pay
  • They worked beyond their scheduled shifts and did not get additional compensation
  • They often worked off the clock
  • They worked even through their lunch breaks without pay
  • They did not get their proper rest breaks
  • They were paid a flat day rate that didn’t include overtime compensation

There were other lawsuits with almost the same issues filed against Amazon, failing to pay delivery drivers right.

Amazon did report that it audits courier companies to make sure they follow the law and help small businesses immediately if they are not compliant.

The most recent lawsuit, which Amazon lost in July 2020, should be up for a potential Supreme Court challenge.

About Amazon:

It is a multinational tech company whose headquarters are in Seattle, Washington. Founded on July 5, 1994, by Jeff Bezos, and also its CEO deals in e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence (AI).

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