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Amazon Chinese Sellers Class Action Lawsuit

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Amazon Chinese Sellers Class Action Lawsuit – Denying China-Based Companies From Selling On Its Platform?

Amazon Fights Back Class Action Raised By Chinese Companies Banned On Its Platforms For Alleged Contract Infractions 

Web retail giant Amazon is trying to fend off a class action lawsuit raised by China-based companies that are reportedly banned from selling their merchandise in the company’s online marketplace.

Amazon Faces Off Lawsuit In California Federal Court

Based on nine reports, Amazon is asking a Californian federal court to dismiss the allegations raised by a group of Chinese companies against it. 

According to the Amazon Chinese Sellers Class Action Lawsuit filed and headed by Shenzhen Shileziyou Technologies Co. Ltd., Amazon owes them and other Chinese online business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars after they were prohibited from trading on Amazon’s web marketplace platform. 

In addition, the case argues that Chinese sellers were oftentimes withheld their payment from the online retail giant for prolonged periods without any viable reasons. 

Complainant Shenzhen Shileziyou Technologies Co. Ltd. is looking to sue Amazon and represent around half a hundred thousand other similar companies located in China and the United States. 

Shenzhen Shileziyou Technologies Co. Ltd., et al. v., Inc, et al. Case

However, Amazon vehemently denies the accusations thrown against it in the Amazon Chinese Sellers Class Action Lawsuit. The corporation’s legal team stresses that the plaintiff and its cohorts have violated the agreement between them by allowing fake reviews to proliferate in the Amazon web products selling site.

Further, Amazon pleads to the court that the complainants cannot sue it for they have agreed in their contracts that they cannot take Amazon to court for their grievances. Instead, they are only allowed to enter into private dispute resolution or arbitration individually to discuss their allegations. 

Amazon is facing different lawsuits from left to the right, from authorities looking to hold the company accountable for reportedly selling harmful products on their online marketplace to allowing for fake reviews to plague different merchandisers’ comments and reviews section.

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Editor’s Note on Amazon Chinese Sellers Class Action Lawsuit: 

This blog discusses the latest court update about the suit brought up against Amazon by its online sellers after they were reportedly banned from trading using the company’s online marketplace platform. We also suggest you read the Amazon White Male Discrimination Lawsuit. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Shenzhen Shileziyou Technologies Co. Ltd., et al. v., Inc, et al.; Case No.: 5:21-cv-07083-VKD

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Northern District of California 

Allegation(s): Amazon violated the law and the rights of its online sellers. Nevertheless, it argues that its detractors have violated the agreement they have signed with Amazon.                 

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