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AirPods Max Condensation

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AirPods Max Condensation Lawsuit

AirPods Max Under Investigation Due To Condensation Issues

The new way to listen to music using an iPhone is by using AirPods Max, although there have been recent complaints that water or condensation is collected and/or forms inside the ear cups of the headphones.

Some people have thought that it might be because of the aluminum casing and the warmth from the seal, making these users think that the headphones are not water-resistant.

Owners are trying to see if this is happening due to a defect, and with the help of certain attorneys, are trying to speak with others who have been using the AirPods Max to get to the bottom of this.

What Else To Know About the Case

There have been online complaints about the headphones, stemming from individuals using the product while taking a light walk, to those watching a movie for over an hour. People were seeing water get inside the driver with the ring turning red.

Forbes also published an article where it reported that condensation in AirPods Max occurs because of an unrepairable flaw in the design. 

Do you own a pair of AirPods Max and have experienced this condensation issue? Please contact us and share your experience.

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