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List of Class Action Lawsuits Filed Recently Consider The Consumer

Class Action Settlements

Complete List of Class Action Lawsuits Filed Recently

The following is a list of class action lawsuits filed recently shared with us by our friends at Class Actions Reporter.

Class Action Lawsuits

Cutter and Repel “Natural” Mosquito and Bug Repellant Investigation

These days, people are concerned about exposure to artificial, chemical, or toxic substances. Companies often charge more for natural products, but many consumers think they’re worth it if they’re safer.

Mosquito and bug repellant are substances that we slather all over our skin, sometimes over large areas of our bodies, so they’re of special concern. And it may not be hard to take advantage of that concern.

Cutter Natural and Repel Natural

German Luxury Automaker Collusion and Antitrust Class Action

The pride of German industry are its automakers, which employ over 800,000 people and bring in roughly a fifth of its industrial revenue, with a worldwide reputation for precision and quality. But new class actions claim that the Volkswagen/Audi emissions scandal was just the tip of an iceberg that could rip away that fine reputation. This complaint alleges that for the past two decades, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW, and Daimler (Mercedes), along with Robert Bosch, a supplier, participated in a cartel which suppressed innovation and undercut engineering in favor of cost savings, while keeping prices high and pretending to be competitive, cutting-edge companies.

German Automaker Brand Symbols

Green Works “Natural” Cleaning Products Deceptive Advertising Class Action

Many people are willing to pay more for products that seem to be safe because they are advertised as being “natural” or “naturally derived.” However, the complaint for this class action alleges that Clorox’s Green Works line of products should not be marketed with these words without some qualification, as they contain materials that are not natural and that may be allergens or otherwise harmful. According to the complaint, the products contain substances such as boric acid, capryloyl or capryl glucoside, citric acid, d-limonene, dimethicone/silica antifoam, methylisothiazolinone, sodium borate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and unspecified fragrances and artificial dyes. Some of these substances, the complaint claims, are associated with skin irritation, aquatic toxicity, immune system toxicity, and allergic reactions, and are therefore not what consumers believe they will find in products labeled “natural” or “naturally derived.”

Clorox Green Works Products

Nature’s Miracle “Nature Makes It Work” Cat Products Class Action

Most people assume that the word “natural” on a label means that nothing in the product is chemical or synthetic. This may not be true. We’re currently investigating three products to see if they’re delivering what their labels suggest:

Nature's Miracle Logo

Bed Bath & Beyond Deceptive Advertising “100% Egyptian Cotton” Class Action

If you look up “Egyptian cotton” in Bed Bath & Beyond’s own glossary, the complaint for this class action says, you will read, “The world’s finest cotton, it has the longest, strongest staple, resulting in the softest, most luxurious fabric and feel.” Egyptian cotton is thus highly desirable, says the complaint, and more desirable to those with textile allergies. According to the complaint, however, Bed Bath & Beyond’s Damask Stripe 500 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets are only 16% Egyptian cotton, with the rest of the fabric made up of inferior types of cotton.

BB&B Damask Bed Sheets

Naked Juice Cold-Pressed Deceptive Labeling Class Action

Naked Juice is a subsidiary of PepsiCo that offers seven different juice product lines, including juice blends, smoothies, almond milk, and coconut waters. It’s Naked Pressed line is a premium line made up of purportedly cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices, but the complaint for this class action questions whether calling the juices “cold-pressed” is strictly truthful, because the product undergoes another step after the cold pressing which reduces enzymatic, biological, and cellular activity and lessens nutrient content. The “cold-pressed” juice, the complaint alleges, is only an intermediate product and not the final product sold in stores.

Naked Pressed Juices

Lamps Plus False Reference Pricing/False Discount California Class Action

False reference prices are illegal, but the complaint for this class action alleges that Lamps Plus uses them regularly on its own brands of merchandise. According to the complaint, Lamps Plus branded and trademarked items are sold only in Lamps Plus retail stores, which means that any higher “original” prices must have been offered at Lamps Plus stores. But the complaint claims that an investigation tracking the prices of specific items has shown that the items were offered at the same prices for many months, with no sign of the “original” prices advertised, and certainly no sign of them within the preceding three months. Yet, the complaint says, each price tag bears a higher, “Compare At” price, with an X through it and a lower “sale” price, with the “sale” price being the price at which the item has always been offered.

Lamps Plus Room

“Extra Virgin” and Italian Origin Olive Oil Class Action and Investigation

Companies that import, market, and sell three brands of olive oil—Bertolli, Carapelli, and Carbonell—are the target of a recent class action that alleges that they make false claims on their labels, namely that the olive oils are imported from Italy, and that some of them are “extra virgin”. The classes proposed for this action do not cover all buyers of olive oil throughout the US, so others may still be able to join in with this case.

Olive Oil
Class Actions Against Banks

Citibank Debt Collection Practices Investigation

It’s sad when a bank with as long and proud a history as Citibank slides into debt collection violations.

Citibank began in 1812 as the City Bank of New York. It helped finance the War of 1812, the Civil War, and the Panama Canal. In the 1970s, it was one of the first banks to introduce automatic teller machines, and it registered in 1991, before the World Wide Web existed, and soon after began allowing traveling customers to access their home accounts from Citibank branch locations overseas.

Citibank Logo

JP Morgan Chase Debt Collection Practices Investigation

JP Morgan Chase is one of the biggest banks in the US, so it may be unsurprising that the company seems to attract more lawsuits than normal.

JP Morgan Chase

Wells Fargo Debt Collection Practices Investigation

Has any bank ever had such a variety of class action lawsuits filed against it as Well Fargo?

Wells Fargo Logo

OneMain Financial Debt Collection Practices Investigation

OneMain Financial makes personal loans, and it’s known for lending to “people with poor credit who may have trouble qualifying for a traditional bank loan.” But its interest rates are high, averaging 27% but going as high as 35.99%.

OneMain Financial Logo

A complete list is on the website.

Lithium-Ion Battery Antitrust Class Action Lawsuit

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that the defendants, including SONY, LG, Hitachi, Maxell and NEC, conspired to raise and fix the prices of cylindrical Li-Ion Cells for over ten years, resulting in overcharges to indirect purchasers of portable computers, camcorders, and power tools containing Li-Ion Cylindrical Batteries.

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image of a lithium ion battery

Bebe Stores TCPA Cell Phones SMS Settlement

Bebe Stores, Inc. has agreed to settle a class action alleging that the company’s stores took customer cell phone numbers at the point of sale and then sent telemarketing SMS text messages to these cell phones without the prior written consent required by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

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Bebe Store

Honeywell International TrueSTEAM Humidifier Settlement

This is the settlement of a class action against Honeywell International, Inc. claiming that TrueSTEAM humidifiers were defective in their design and manufacturing and that they were deceptively marketed because of the alleged effects of mineral scale and sediment build-up on the units.

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Apps on Apple iDevices Contact Data Collection Settlement

This settlement resolves several cases brought against companies that developed apps for Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices. The complaints allege that versions of the Foodspotting, Foursquare, Gowalla, Instagram, Kik, Path, Twitter, and Yelp apps collected contact data from users’ devices and that this was an invasion of privacy.

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iPod Touch models

Green Dot Prepaid Debit Card and Walmart MoneyCard Service Disruption Settlement

Green Dot has agreed to settle a class action about a longer-than-anticipated service disruption at sometimes during the period of May 15-22, 2016.

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Green Dot Logo

Sony Xperia “Waterproof” Device Settlement

Sony has agreed to settle a class action that alleges that its Xperia devices are not in fact waterproof as advertised.

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Sony Xperia M2 Aqua

Aveeno Active Naturals Settlement

Aveeno has agreed to settle a class action alleging that its line of Aveeno Active Natural products should not be called “natural” because the various products contain non-natural substances such as glycerin, benzaldehyde, triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol, and several parabens.

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Aveeno Active Naturals Products

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