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Zoom Bombing Settlement 2021 - $85 Million To End Class Actions Against Zoom Over Unwanted Interruption

Class Action Settlements

Zoom Bombing Settlement 2021 – $85 Million To End Class Actions Against Zoom Over Unwanted Interruption…

Zoom Class Action Settlement Over “Zoom Bombings”

A proposed $85 million settlement, if accepted, will bring an end to a series of class-action lawsuits against Zoom filed by users alleging that their webinars, training sessions, and even a bible study were disrupted by “zoom-bombing,” or obscene and horrible images inserted by hackers.

Zoom Privacy Litigation

On Saturday, settlement documents were filed in a federal court in California.

The plaintiffs’ motion for preliminary approval states that following a year and a half of controversial litigation and months of simultaneous settlement agreements, the parties present the court with an agreement to resolve Plaintiffs’ allegations against Zoom Video Communications, Inc. on a nationwide, class basis.

The filings reveal a settlement in which Zoom will pay $85 million to resolve class action allegations that the company failed to protect users from zoom-bombing sufficiently. While Zoom became practically universal following the coronavirus outbreak, the suggested class has a longer history. Individuals who used the platform on or after March 30, 2016, may qualify to file a claim.

Members of the class who used Zoom’s free version are eligible for a $15 rebate. As per the proposed Zoom Bombing Class Action Settlement, subscribers who paid a subscription fee may claim a $25 award or 15% of their expenses.

According to settlement filings, Zoom has also committed to tightening security, with measures aimed at enhancing meeting security, strengthening privacy disclosures, and protecting user data.

In summary, according to the motion, the settlement delivers an exceptional set of advantages to Class Members and is worthy of preliminary approval.

A court hearing has been scheduled in October to consider the proposed settlement.

The Cost of Convenience

Zoom gained popularity as working, education, and other activities became more remote; nonetheless, users were subjected to disturbing images, including pornography, as a result of hackers who “zoom-bombed” their meetings. According to reports, the hackers gained easy access to Zoom meetings due to the platform’s lack of security and privacy.

Additionally, users accused the company of sharing information without consent with third parties such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Several class-action lawsuits were consolidated, including those brought by the University of Southern California, a church, and a virtual pole dance instructor.

In March, United States District Judge Lucy Koh reduced the number of allegations in the Zoom Bombing Class Action Lawsuit but refused to dismiss it.

Editor’s Note on Zoom Bombing Settlement 2021:

This article is written to inform you of the class action settlement against Zoom over zoom-bombings. 

Case Name & No.: In re: Zoom Video Communications Inc. Privacy Litigation, Case No. 5:20-cv-02155-LHK

Jurisdiction:  U.S. District Court – Northern District of California, San Jose Division

Products/Services: Zoom users’ privacy

Allegations: Zoom allegedly lacked security, causing hackers to insert unappealing images to users while using the Zoom app

Status: To be settled

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