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Whirlpool Dishwasher Settlement

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Whirlpool Dishwasher Settlement – Faulty Sump In Dishwashers…

Whirlpool To Pay Up To $21 Million Settlement In Defective Dishwasher Class Action 

Consumer electronics manufacturer Whirlpool Corporation has agreed to enter into a class action settlement agreement to end the allegations that it made and distributed dishwashing machine units with a faulty component that reportedly causes leakages.

Whirlpool Promises To Pay Unspecified Settlement Amount In Defective Dishwasher Class Action Litigation 

The Whirlpool Dishwasher Settlement is still in its early stages, and Consider The Consumer will continue to report its developments. 

As of writing, it is believed that the estimated settlement payment will be from more than $15 million to up to over $21 million. Filed court documents show that around $1.5 million of the total settlement fund will be allocated to pay for the attorney expenses and other related legal expenses. 

Early estimates suggest that qualified Whirlpool customers who purportedly bought a defective dishwasher covered in the class action will be able to receive repair reimbursement checks of up to $225. Either they can receive a cash payment or a replacement. 

Customers may need to prepare documentation or pieces of evidence that would prove that they needed to pay out-of-pocket repairs for their dishwashers due to the leaks caused by a defective sump assembly. 

Elisabeth Cleveland v. Whirlpool Corporation: Whirlpool’s Dishwashers Contain Faulty Component 

The Elisabeth Cleveland v. Whirlpool Corporation class action case is just one example of the different class action cases filed against Whirlpool with similar allegations – the company is reportedly responsible for the damages and expenses its defective dishwashing units have caused their respective owners. 

Other class action cases were filed separately by plaintiffs Christopher Redmon, Thomas McCormick, Amy Larchuk, and Dhaval Shah. The different class action filings have mentioned different dishwashing brands that reportedly contained a malfunctioning sump assembly.

The defendant Whirlpool, although agreeing to enter into a settlement agreement, has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and still defends that its dishwashers are not faulty. It is noteworthy that the company has also decided to enter into a settlement deal in the past in relation to very similar dishwasher fault allegations.   

Editor’s Note on Whirlpool Dishwasher Settlement: 

This article aims to provide you the latest information about the possible resolution of the class action alleging that Whirlpool sells dishwasher units with non-functioning sump parts.  

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Elisabeth Cleveland v. Whirlpool Corporation; Case No.: 0:20-cv-01906 

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the District of Minnesota   

Allegation(s): A number of dishwashers made by Whirlpool Corp. have a defective sump assembly that causes leakage concerns.   

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