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Wawa Data Breach Lawsuit Settlement

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Wawa Data Breach Lawsuit Settlement Amounted At $13 Million

Wawa, an American gas station and convenience store chain, will pay out a $13 million settlement due to allegations regarding the data breach.

Wawa Data Breach Issue

Wawa was sued back in 2019 when data breach issues have been reported concerning its customers.

According to reports, the malware was installed in Wawa’s systems. 

The malware was discovered in December 2019 that resulted in a significant data breach affecting all of its locations. 

The breach allegedly exposed their customer’s personal information, including credit card information, names, and addresses.

It was later found out that the extent of the data breach affects customers who have transacted with Wawa from March 4, 2019.

A lawsuit was filed against Wawa by its consumers for failing to protect their confidential data. 

The lawsuit also alleges that Wawa has failed to take precautionary measures to prevent the data breach. 

The lawsuit argues that Wawa has not handled the issue well by failing to give its customers timely updates regarding the resolution steps they were taking.

The plaintiffs assert that Wawa’s actions have exposed consumers to potential security threats, including identity theft and fraud.

The Class Action Settlement

In February 2021, a motion was filed for a proposed settlement in the Pennsylvania Eastern District.

According to the proposed settlement, Wawa will pay out the following:

  • Wawa gift cards amounting to $8 million for affected class members who used cards to pay in Wawa.
  • Cash payments amounting to $1 million for affected class members who lost money due to the data breach
  • An amount of up to $3.2 million for the plaintiff’s administrative fees, including attorney fees

The settlement also aims to require Wawa to update its security systems to prevent any potential data breach in the future.

Class Members

The following individuals are eligible to apply as class members and make claims:

  • Individuals who have used their debit or credit cards to pay in Wawa stores from March 4, 2019, to December 12, 2019
  • Individuals who have suffered any form of loss resulting from the data breach discovered in Wawa’s systems

Class Members Groups

Eligible class members may fall into one of the three groups identified in the proposed settlement:

  • Class members who have made a transaction with Wawa using a debit or credit card during the specified time will receive a $5 Wawa gift card.
  • Class members who have made a transaction with Wawa and have been charged incorrectly due to fraudulent activities from the data exposure will receive a $15 Wawa gift card. Additional documentation that will serve as proof of the fraudulent activity is needed when making a claim under this group.
  • Class members who have suffered any form of loss due to their data exposure can get a compensation of up to $500.

Claim Process

Eligible individuals will need to submit a claim form to be compensated.

If individuals do not qualify under the group they have applied to will automatically be qualified to the closest eligible group.

Editor’s Note on Wawa Data Breach Lawsuit Settlement:

This article is published to inform you of the latest settlement update regarding the Wawa Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit.

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