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Washington Providence Hospital Class Action Settlement Washington Providence Hospital Settlement Consider The Consumer

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Get to Know the Washington Providence Hospital Class Action Settlement

The Washington Providence Hospital Class Action Settlement; Are You Eligible

It has been announced that individuals who received emergency care at a Washington Providence hospital may be eligible to receive enhanced screening processes. Aside from that, they are entitled to make claims for monetary relief under the terms of a class action settlement.

The Class Members included in this settlement are those consumers who received emergency treatment at a Providence Health and Services (PHS) Washington-affiliated hospital or a PHS-affiliated hospital in the state of Washington between February 20, 2014, and Aug. 24, 2020.

The following are all Providence-affiliated hospitals:

  • Providence Centralia Hospital
  • Providence Holy Family Hospital
  • Providence Mount Carmel Hospital
  • Providence Regional Medical Center Everett
  • Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children’s Hospital
  • Providence St. Joseph’s Hospital, Providence St. Mary Medical Center
  • Providence St. Peter Hospital Providence Holy Family Hospital
  • Sacred Heart Medical Center
  • Kadlec Medical Center

A class action lawsuit has been filed by Plaintiffs Nathan Hofstader and Richard Cerenzia. The lawsuit alleged that Providence hospital in Washington, as well as Emergency Physician Services PS, didn’t inform them and other emergency room patients that there’s available charity care. The plaintiffs originally filed the complaint in the Eastern District of Washington in 2018.

According to the plaintiffs, they and other patients missed out on an important financial aid at the time of their health crisis. The complaint also claimed that this failure to inform patients about the charity care option is a violation of the Washington Consumer Protection Act.

More Details About The Washington Providence Hospital Settlement

Despite the allegations, Providence hospital didn’t admit to any violation. However, it has agreed to alter its screening procedures as a part of the settlement. Moreover, the hospital system will pay an undisclosed amount for plaintiffs’ awards, attorneys’ fees, and administration of the settlement.

For Class Members who do not opt-out or object to the settlement agreement, they will have the right to claim monetary relief from Providence hospital. However, the Class Members are prohibited to take part in another class action lawsuit regarding Providence’s emergency room intake practices.

The settlement also paved the way for Providence’s change in its intake process. Now, uninsured patients will be screened by a registrar or financial counselor whether they are eligible for the financial assistance of Medicaid.

“Taking into account the benefits achieved and the risks of continued litigation, as well as the delays and uncertainties inherent in such litigation and any subsequent appeal, Plaintiffs and Class Counsel, believe that it is desirable that the Action be fully and finally compromised and settled in exchange for Defendants’ agreement to provide the settlement relief to the Settlement Class Members,” the settlement agreement says.

According to reports, class members will be automatically added to the settlement. This settlement will offer 1 million Class Members with enhanced screening measures at Washington Providence hospitals and affiliated hospitals. For Class Members who want to opt-out, they can do it online.

The Class Members who want to opt-out of or object to the settlement can submit until November 23. Meanwhile, the final hearing is set for February 9, 2021.

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