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Wallmart Biometric Class action settlement

Class Action Settlements

Walmart Biometric Settlement Details – Illinois Former & Current Employees Are Eligible…

Walmart To Pay Up Former And Current Employees In Settlement of Biometric Privacy Class Action Lawsuit

Retail giant Walmart has agreed to a settlement in order to end a class action lawsuit filed against them for allegedly violating the state of Illinois’ privacy protection laws.

Reported to be at $10 million, the settlement will benefit current and former Walmart employees.

The plaintiffs to the complaint argue that Walmart had violated the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act or BIPA when it required its employees to use a cash register system using their personal biometric information through a palm scan.

They contend that they were not given a chance to provide their express consent before having their personal biometric information taken from them by Walmart.

Also, the company did not share any public information about how the data would be retained and destroyed. 

During the case’s hearing, Walmart has filed a motion to have the class action dismissed – presenting the counterargument that employees are able to access the cash register system with the use of a PIN or a palm scan.

Also, the company adds that there is no existing documentation that shows that Walmart employees used their palm scans in using the company’s cash register system. 

Maintaining its clear conscience on the matter, Walmart has decided to agree to a settlement in late 2020 after months of negotiations. 

Illinois’ BIPA is a state-level law that requires businesses and other entities to meet specific requirements before they are given permission to transfer or gather personal biometric data from their constituents.

Personal biometric data include fingerprints, palm scans, retinal scans, and other sources of personal data that is unique to the individual. 

It is also strict when it comes to how companies should handle, keep, and eventually eliminate the curated information.

Management is required by the law to fully disclose information on how long the business entity plans to keep the gathered data as well as how they will be disposed of. 

The Prairie State’s BIPA also prohibits companies from sharing, leasing, selling, or making a profit out of the gathered biometric information. 

Who Are Qualified To File A Claim?

Benefactors in this Walmart Scan Biometric Privacy class action lawsuit settlement primarily include all current and former workers at Walmart and any of its other affiliate stores in the state of Illinois. 

Be sure that you meet the following criteria before filing a claim:

  • You have worked or currently employed at any of the following stores: Walmart, Supercenter, Neighborhood Market, or Sam’s Club in the state of Illinois;
  • You have been forced to use the company’s cash recycler system’s palm scanner feature during your tenure there; 
  • If you worked at a Walmart location, you must have been forced to use the cash recycler’s palm scanner between January 28, 2014, to February 28, 2019;
  • If you worked at a Sam’s Club store, you must have been forced to use the cash recycler’s palm scanner between January 28, 2014, to April 24, 2019. 

If you wish to file a claim, ask for you to be excluded from the settlement, or even express your objection to the Walmart Scan Biometric Privacy class action, you are free to do so until May 2, 2021. You can visit the settlement’s official website HERE to learn more about the matter. 

The monetary award each eligible claimant can receive depends on the finalized portions of the settlement.

Fees to the legal counsel and other litigation costs will be taken from the $10 million initial settlement fund.

After the deduction, the remaining amount will be distributed amongst the eligible claimants. 

Information about that matter is expected to be settled at a final hearing set on June 16 this year. 

walmart biometrics settlement

Walmart Company Information

Walmart is listed as the world’s largest company by revenue – topping the Fortune Global 500 list with recorded revenue of $514.405 billion in 2019.

Run by the Walton family, it is one of the most successful family-run companies in the globe.

The company employs 2.2 million people worldwide. It has business divisions based in the United States and internationally designated territories. It also runs the Sam’s Club division of its business. 

Editor’s Note on Walmart Biometric Settlement:

This feature is published to inform you of the latest class action settlement Walmart has agreed to participate in regarding its alleged violations of its employees’ privacy rights as mandated by Illinois law. 

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