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Topgolf BIPA Settlement 2021 - Eligible Topgolf Staff May Receive More Than $600 In The Class Action

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Topgolf BIPA Settlement 2021 – Eligible Topgolf Staff May Receive More Than $600 In The Class Action…

SETTLEMENT ALERT: Illinois Topgolf Employees Slated To Receive More Than $600 As Settlement In BIPA Violations Case 

Eligible Topgolf employees may possibly receive settlement checks of up to $630 as part of the BIPA class action settlement agreement forged between the company and its class members. 

Topgolf BIPA Class Action Case Plaintiffs Thomas Burlinski and Matthew Miller Wins Over Company 

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According to several sources online, the Topgolf BIPA Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Agreement is in full swing. As part of the bargain between the defendant Topgolf and the complainants in the case, the former will pay up $2.6 million. The said amount will be designated as the main settlement fund and will then be subdivided into different components subject to the agreement details. 

The latest settlement case originated from a class action lawsuit filed against Topgolf. In it, the company was accused of allegedly violating the state of Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act or BIPA. 

It is said that Topgolf’s Illinois locations required their employees to hand over their fingerprints as part of a company-wide employee time tracking system initiative. However, Topgolf officials reportedly did not follow the protective provisions set forward by the Illinois BIPA hence constituting multiple transgressions of the law. 

Complainants Thomas Burlinski and Matthew Miller detailed in their class action filing that Topgolf did not bother to get their employees’ consent prior to the massive data collection drive they performed.

Furthermore, the two alleged that the company failed to properly discard and destroy the curated fingerprint data in accordance with BIPA rules. 

During the legal proceedings, Topgolf has vehemently denied the accusations thrown against them. Soon after, they agreed to enter into a settlement agreement with the other parties involved in the case. As of writing, no judgment has been rendered yet in favor of any of the parties involved in the hearings. 

Topgolf BIPA Settlement Agreement Brief 

Moving forward, Consider The Consumer has listed down key details you need to know about this specific case. Check them out below:

  • Topgolf employees who worked at Topgolf’s Schaumburg and Naperville locations between the dates of 4th March 2014 and 22nd June 2021 are included in the settlement proceedings.
  • It is suggested that one should keep hold of proof of employment and the like just in case. 
  • Initial estimates suggest that each qualified employee claimant may receive a settlement check of up to $630. 
  • Those who are wishing to have themselves excluded in the process may submit their claims until 2nd October 2021.
  • The court will conduct a final hearing of the settlement terms and conditions on 13th October 2021. 

About Topgolf

Topgolf is a sports provider and entertainment company primarily located in select major areas in the United States. Primarily based in Dallas, Texas, Topgolf has international locations in Australia, the United Kingdom, and others. According to the company’s official website, they are able to reach and serve almost a hundred million clients in all of their locations spread across the world. 

Editor’s Note on Topgolf BIPA Settlement 2021: 

This settlement news reports on the key information regarding the settlement agreement proceedings in the Topgolf BIPA Class Action Lawsuit. Topgolf has denied any wrongdoing and has agreed to choose the case settlement route instead. You might also be interested in reading the Kroger Staff Data Breach Class Action

Case Name(s) & No.: Thomas Burlinski v. Top Golf USA Inc., et al.; Case No.: 1:19-cv-07600

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division

Products/Services Involved: BIPA Law 

Allegation(s): Topgolf allegedly violated provisions of the Illinois BIPA when they asked their employees for their fingerprint data without prior authorization. 

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