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Tiktok Children Data Settlement - $1 Million To End Class Action Filed Over Mishandling Minors' Personal Data

Class Action Settlements

TikTok Children Data Settlement – $1 Million To End Class Action Filed Over Mishandling Minors’ Personal Data…

Plaintiffs In TikTok Class Action Concerning Child Data Protection Ask Court To Approve Settlement

TikTok is under intense pressure after millions of American children and parents have implored an Illinois court to approve a class action settlement between them and TikTok in a bid to end the legal proceedings of an ongoing case filed against the latter. 

The settlement update came after the judge handling the case formerly denied the request due to some concerns with the details. 

Click to access T.K.-et-al.-v.-ByteDance-Technology-Co.-Ltd.-et-al..pdf

Looking Back On The TikTok Children Users Data Class Action Lawsuit

The TikTok Children Users Data Class Action Lawsuit was filed by parents on behalf of their children with the aim to hold TikTok accountable for allegedly mishandling underage users’ personal information. 

A.S. and T.K., child TikTok users, sued Titktok via their guardians Laura Lopez and Sherri Leshore, respectively, regarding the company’s alleged inappropriate use of their sensitive data. 

TikTok was charged for illegally collecting their underage users’ emails, names, and other personal information. Additionally, the plaintiffs made a claim that although underage TikTok users can make their account profiles private, they remain searchable on the platform. 

Not only that, but child users’ photos and other media were also still searchable by those who would want to view them. All of these were purportedly taking place without the children’s prior consent. 

TikTok, during the class action proceedings, has agreed to enter a settlement agreement with the plaintiffs. The parents have accepted the situation and decided to proceed with the settlement procedure in order to receive certain and immediate relief for their claims against TikTok. 

Class Action Complainants A.S. And T.K., et al. And Their Guardians Seeking For Court Approval 

Illinois court Judge John Robert Blakely is yet to release his decision regarding the latest request from the case’s complainants. 

Moreover, to win the judge’s thumbs-up, the plaintiff’s party has introduced changes in the class action settlement details to comply with the court’s prior requirement. 

The TikTok Children Data Settlement Agreement’sdeadline for filing claims was extended. In addition, the number of claimants who participated in the settlement proceedings has increased due to the use of online advertising to spread the word out. 

In the event that the court approves the settlement, TikTok is slated to cough up $1.1 million that would be used to pay the plaintiffs and the legal representatives involved in the litigation. After the said settlement amount is subjected to other legal fees, it is estimated that each eligible Class claimant will be able to receive $3 as compensation. 

About The Company

China-based company ByteDance Technology Co. Ltd. is known for making their worldwide hit video-sharing social networking mobile applications Douyin and TikTok. Founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming, the company has been able to tally revenues amounting to $37 billion in 2020. 

Editor’s Note on TikTok Children Data Settlement: 

This article discusses the latest details surrounding the current settlement proceedings between TikTok and parent plaintiffs to end a case charging the former for purportedly not improperly handling their underage users’ data. A similar class action lawsuit was filed against YouTube Kids

Case Name(s) & No.(s): T.K. et al., v. ByteDance Technology Co. Ltd. et al.; Case No.: 1:19-cv-07915

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Northern District of Illinois

Products/Services Involved: Minor Users’ Personal Data

Allegation(s): TikTok allegedly violated the law by improperly handling their minor users’ sensitive personal information. 

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