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Terminix Settlement Details – Final Amount Increased To $25 Million

Terminix Termite Class Action Settlement Increased to $25 million

Terminix was charged with a lawsuit, which has now reached a $25 million settlement.

The Lawsuit

Customers of Terminix, one of the largest pest control companies globally, filed a lawsuit against the company for misleadingly marketing their services and allegedly overpriced renewal rates of their termite protection service.

Plaintiffs assert that Terminix has defied the state law because they failed to conduct suitable termite treatments on customer properties. 

Besides, complainants state that the company did not conduct annual inspections, impacting the huge price increase on yearly contract renewals. 

The lawsuit aims to compensate former and existing customers of the said company who are residing in Alabama.

Settlement Coverage and Terms

The following customers and terms are targeted to be covered by the lawsuit that was filed:

  • Existing customers will receive free retreatment if their property has not retreated in the last seven years. They are residing in Baldwin or Mobile counties or areas covered by the companies’ Monroeville office.
  • Refunds will be given to existing termite protection customers charged with an increased annual renewal fee residing in Mobile or Baldwin counties.
  • Former customers who ended their contract in 2019 or 2019 and are residing in Mobile or Baldwin counties will be granted a $650 one-time payment or a 2018 rate reinstatement of their contract. They will also receive a free termite treatment.
  • Existing and former customers residing in Alabama whose properties contain termite damage after being serviced by the company will be reimbursed for those damages.

Aside from this, Terminix has accepted a seven-year increase cap, limiting their contract increase to 5% plus the Consumer Price Index. It is estimated that the potential award is up to $650.

Claim Process Rules

Class members are required to attempt to settle the dispute with the company first before submitting property damage claim forms to the Receiver, a neutral third party who will act as a representative of the court.

They will be responsible for computing and sending the refund to affected individuals.

Claimants are not required to submit proof of purchase. However, some are required to submit a claim form depending on their claim.

Note that it is strongly advised not to file claims, especially for individuals who do not qualify and fall under the eligibility clause.

Since the submission of claims falls under penalty of perjury, submitting false claims is considered fraudulent and may harm eligible class members. 

Claims Process For Refunds

Existing customers who would like to be refunded must not submit a claim form to a neutral third party, the Receiver. However, former customers must fill out the attestation section and sections 1 and 2 of the claim form.

Claims Process For Property Damages

All customers who would like to be reimbursed for property damage are required to fill out the attestation section of the claim form, as well as sections 1 and 3.


There is no deadline for the submission of the claim form. However, class members are advised to submit before December 1, 2022, since the settlement fund will expire on that date.

Editor’s Note On Terminix Settlement:

This article is published to inform you of the latest Terminix Settlement filed over their alleged false advertising of their services.

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