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Syracuse University Gender Inequality Settlement - SU To Settle Female Staff's Salary Gaps Class Action Lawsuit For $3.7 Million

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Syracuse University Gender Inequality Settlement – SU To Settle Female Staff’s Salary Gaps Class Action Lawsuit For $3.7 Million…

Syracuse University To Shell Out $3.7 In Settlement To End Accusations That It Pays Less Favorable Wages To Its Female Faculty Members

New York higher learning institution Syracuse University promised to enter into a settlement agreement worth more than $3.7 million to end the class action lawsuit against claiming that it unfairly pays its male professors more compared to their female counterparts. 

Both parties involved in the case have released a statement in early October stating that they had agreed to settle their differences via a deal. 

Fiona Chew, et al. v. Syracuse University

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Known as the Syracuse University Gender Inequality Lawsuit, the case was filed by Fiona Chew, Elizabeth Lasch-Quinn, Tula Goenka, Audie Klotz, and Barbara Jones – all of which were formerly employed as professors by the Syracuse University. 

The five argued that the university’s professor wages, benefits, and other compensation programs were geared to be unfair towards employed female professors. 

Although Syracuse University officials have made steps to evaluate and reform its salary and benefits offering to their female professors back in 2017 via an institution-wide initiative, the plaintiffs contended to the court that the move was not enough for it was only implemented in prospect. To date, the university shared that they were able to adjust the compensation package of their female professors that amounted to around $2 million. 

Settlement Brief 

The latest Syracuse University Gender Inequality Settlement agreement will benefit female professors who have rendered at least a full year of service to the university since the 8th of January 2014. 

The settlement amount each one will receive will depend on how much money will be left from the $3.7 total settlement fund after different costs such as administrative charges and others are deducted. 

Observers believe that there will be around two-thirds remainder of the total Syracuse University Gender Inequality Settlement amount that will be distributed amongst eligible claimants. 

Amidst the scandal, a high-level Syracuse University official has affirmed to the public that the university is doing its part in providing equal opportunities to all of its faculty members regardless of their gender. 

Consider The Consumer will continue to provide you the updates regarding this case as soon as they are released to the public. Stay tuned. 

About The University

Syracuse University is a New York-based private research higher education university established more than 150 years ago. According to the latest figures released in 2020, the university has more than 20,000 students with more than a thousand members of the academe. 

Editor’s Note on Syracuse University Gender Inequality Settlement: 

This settlement update aims to provide you with the latest information surrounding the unfair gender wage rights issue raised against Syracuse University by its formerly employed female professors. We also recommend you read the LSU Sexual Assaults Lawsuit

Case Name(s) & No.: Fiona Chew, et al. v. Syracuse University; Case No.: 525007/2021

Jurisdiction: Supreme Court of the State of New York County of Kings 

Allegation(s): Syracuse University discriminates against its women professors by offering less competitive and lucrative payment packages compared to what is being offered to male faculty.      

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