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State Farm Class Action Settlement Updates Supreme Court

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State Farm Class Action Settlement Updates, April 2021 – Supreme Court Rejects SF’s Appeal To Overturn The Guilty Verdict…

US Supreme Court Thumbs Down State Farm Appeal, Guilty Verdict Against Insurer Upheld

State Farm has experienced a serious blow in its legal battle as the Supreme Court of The United States has refused to hear the company’s appeal to overturn a lower court’s ruling convicting and ordering them to pay up more than $34 million worth of monetary award to the aggrieved parties. 

State Farm Suffers Legal Defeat  

State Farm has suffered a harrowing defeat in late April this year as the highest court in the land has declined to hear their counterarguments further in a bid to reverse a guilty decision handed down by a jury trial that got approved by a lower court. 

The jury that heard the case found the insurer guilty of using illegal ways to calculate how much they would charge their insurance holders. 

It is reported that the company has employed these dubious calculation methods in order to artificially inflate the insurance premiums they charged customers. 

As a result, oblivious State Farm customers got charged more, leading to overpayment. 

It is alleged that State Farm has let this run for years, with some of its policyholders ended up paying thousands of dollars more than their life insurance policy with the company. 

The lead plaintiff in the case shared that they availed State Farm’s insurance product more than two decades ago. 

However, they were unaware that the company has enforced several rules in computing their insurance contribution, which led to them being charged with higher rates for years.   

Insurance Company Overcharge Policies 

Before the jury verdict, State Farm legal representatives have fought hard to have some parts of the case changed or dropped completely. 

Company representatives have argued that they did not have any ulterior motive in imposing assessment rules in an insurance holder’s rates. 

After arguing in court, they were able to drastically decrease the punitive damages asked of them. 

Nevertheless, the insurance company did not succeed in having the entire class action lawsuit being dropped, leading to a jury trial in court. 

They have failed to woo the judge to toss out the complaint with insufficient counterarguments raised to invalidate the allegations made against the insurance company. 

After a few days in trial, the hearing jury awarded a $34.4 million worth decision in favor of the complainants. They found out that the company is guilty of the different allegations raised in the class action lawsuit. 

State Farm’s legal team and counsel appealed the decision in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. However, they were struck down as the judges sided in the jury trial findings from the lower court. They attempted to have their case heard in the chambers of the Supreme Court, but the magistrates declined it. 

About the company

State Farm Insurance, simply referred to as State Farm in this feature, is an insurance company group based in Bloomington, Illinois. 

The company employs more than 50,000 employees nationwide and has 30 operation centers and more than 300 claims locations all over the country. 

State Farm is headed by its CEO Michael L. Tipsord since he ascended to the position more than five years ago. 

Editor’s Note on State Farm Class Action Settlement Updates: 

This news report aims to provide you the latest court development involving insurance company State Farm and their botched attempt to have their guilty verdict reversed. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Vogt, et al. v. State Farm Life Insurance Co.; Case No. 20-1008

Jurisdiction: United States Supreme Court

Products/Services Involved: Life insurance products

Allegation(s): Insurance company State Farm has imposed illegal means to purposely overcharge its customers’ premiums. 

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