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Starkist Tuna Settlement – Increased Numbers of Class Members Resulted In Small Amount Rebate

Class Members Were Paid Less From StarKist Tuna Settlement

The tuna class action lawsuit filed against company StarKist eventually resulted in a settlement that many consumers have applauded and praised. 

However, according to a report by Christina Blank of SeafoodSource, class members of the StarKist class action settlement ended up getting less monetary compensation than the original promise made by the tuna company. 

Consumers in the United States were only able to receive a little over $2 cash or $5 worth of StarKist rebates refundable in stores. 

The reduced amounts resulted from a lot of class members signing up to make a claim, which was 12 times more than what StarKist has looked forward to. 

The tuna settlement is rooted in a class action lawsuit filed against StarKist.

Known as Hendricks vs StarKist, the plaintiff argued that the company is not filling out its cans properly – missing out a few tenths of an ounce on its five-ounce product offerings.

StarKist has not denied any wrongdoing but ended up agreeing with a settlement agreement, which benefited more than 2.5 million people. 

These people were able to claim by filing a StarKist tuna refund form during the prescribed period of application. 

Who owns StarKist Tuna? 

StarKist Tuna has been under the control of South Korean Company Dongwon Industries for more than a decade now since its acquisition in mid-2008 from Del Monte Foods.

Based in North Shore, Pittsburgh, the tuna company has an annual revenue of more than $500 million and employs more than a thousand workers. 

Company site: About StarKist Co. | StarKist

Editor’s Note on Starkist Tuna Settlement Affected Class Members:

This article is a StarKist Tuna settlement update. The class members were paid a low amount to what they thought of due to the unexpected number of eligible members.

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