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Stacy Rosenbach Settlement - Six Flags Great America To Settle Illinois BIPA Class Action Lawsuit

Class Action Settlements

Stacy Rosenbach Settlement – Six Flags Great America To Settle Illinois BIPA Class Action Lawsuit…

Stacy Rosenbach v. Six Flags Settlement: Six Flags Enters Into Agreement, To Pay Up Visitors Up To $200 Each 

Six Flags Entertainment Corporations has agreed to enter into a settlement agreement with plaintiff Stacy Rosenbach in relation to the class action lawsuit accusing Six Flags of violating BIPA state law in Illinois regarding information privacy. 

Six Flags Class Action Lawsuit Agreement With Plaintiff Stacy

According to reports, Six Flags management has decided that bowing down and accepting the settlement agreement’s demands is the final resort that would play for the best interests of the company. 

Also, initial agreement details suggest that the company will dish out $36 million dollars to the settlement fund to end the allegations thrown against them. 

The settlement agreement stemmed from a class action lawsuit filed by complainant Stacy Rosenbach after the company allegedly violated provisions of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act when it required its visitors to use a fingerprint scanner before they are allowed entry into the company’s Six Flags Great America location in Gurnee. 

When asked to provide her and her son’s fingerprints, Rosenbach did not agree to the request and was not provided prior information about how their personal data would be handled and eventually destroyed while in the hands of Six Flags. 

This all reportedly happened when the mother and son Rosenbach paid the Gurnee Six Flags location a visit. 

Legal Proceedings 

She faced an early defeat in the case’s legal proceedings after a lower court ruled out that she was not hurt by the company’s alleged infractions. 

Yet, the Illinois Supreme Court has decided to overturn the earlier decision and contended that Stacy Rosenbach didn’t need to show the damages the improper collection of her biometric data had caused her and her son. 

The fact that Six Flags have illegally collected their personal information without their consent is reason enough for the judges to order the legal proceedings to push through. 

Stacy Rosenbach v. Six Flags Entertainment Corp. Settlement Agreement Initial Details

The Stacy Rosenbach Settlement is still at its middle stages of proceedings. The final information is still not set, and a series of court hearings are scheduled to be conducted before the judge approves the final details. 

However, as of press time, some valuable information has been made available to the public. Listed below are some of them that would help determine whether you are qualified and are covered under the settlement’s conditions:

  • You have visited Six Flags Great America location in Gurnee, Illinois between the dates of the 1st of October, 2013 to the 31st of December, 2018;
  • You were forced to provide your fingerprint information at the park’s entrances without your permission;
  • You were not provided with information about how the company would treat your personal information. 

Official filing of claims has been opened and is expected to close by the 12th of October. 

The final amount an eligible claimant may be entitled to receive is still in the works, but online sources speculate that some may be able to get paychecks amounting to as much as $200 each. 

Stay tuned via official Consider The Consumer communications channels to be able to stay updated on the latest developments in the Stacy Rosenbach Settlement

About Six Flags Entertainment

Six Flags Entertainment Corp., or simply called Six Flags in this article feature, is an amusement park company that has different locations all over the United States. 

Currently headquartered in Texas, the company has other park locations in neighboring Mexico and Canada. 

Editor’s Note on Stacy Rosenbach Settlement – Six Flags Great America To Settle Illinois BIPA Class Action Lawsuit: 

This feature aims to report on the latest settlement developments on the class action lawsuit filed against Six Flags Entertainment for allegedly violating Illinois BIPA consumer privacy provisions. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Stacy Rosenbach v. Six Flags Entertainment Corp., et al.; Case No.: 16-CH-13

Jurisdiction: Circuit Court for the 19th Judicial Circuit of Lake County, Illinois

Products/Services Involved: BIPA Law

Allegation(s): Park visitors were forced by Six Flags to hand over their biometric information without their prior consent. 

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