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Coach Outlet Discount Pricing Class Action Settlement

Class Action Settlements

SETTLEMENT UPDATE: Claims Are Being Processed In Coach Outlet Discount Pricing Class Action Settlement – Claim Now!

Claims are currently being evaluated and compiled by the settlement administrator in the Coach Outlet Discount Pricing Class Action Settlement after the period of official filing of a claim has been closed. 

This comes as the legal saga facing luxury brand Coach New York is almost at its end after years of litigation in court raised against the company. 

It all started in early 2016 when an initial class action lawsuit was filed by plaintiff Michelle Marino in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York alleging that Coach is duping its customers of the prices of Coach items being offered at outlet locations in the country. 

Marino contends in her complaint that the company manufactures specific items targeted to be sold on outlet stores that are completely different from those being offered at a regular Coach boutique store. 

These specially curated items are of inferior quality and are never sold in regular Coach stores. 

However, Coach markets these outlet items as items containing the same quality as those being offered in their regular luxury showings. 

And them being offered at a steep discount makes customers want to buy it thinking that they landed on a huge deal. 

Tricked into believing that they are buying an item from a regular Coach boutique store and getting a huge bang on their buck, customers fall victim to the company’s illegal tactic known as reference pricing. 

This is a tactic used to dupe customers into thinking that they are getting a huge discount for a luxury item that they buy. 

Soon after, three other separate lawsuits were filed against Coach involving the same issues raised in Marino’s complaint about the company making misleading statements and sales advertising methods. 

In its bid to end the legal troubles it is facing in court, Coach has agreed to pay up $4.6 million that went to the expenses and damages being asked by the lawsuit. 

The remaining amount was split to affected customers who have bought an item from a Coach outlet store thinking that they are getting a discount on a luxury item. 

Claimants who have successfully made a claim on or before the deadline will be able to receive up to $10 in cash or a Coach outlet store voucher worth $40. 

It should be in no time that the settlement administrator would soon inform claimants of the status of their claims. 

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About Coach New York

Coach IP Holdings LLC, simply referred to as Coach New York in this article, is a publicly-listed high-end luxury company founded eight decades ago. 

With headquarters in one of the world’s hottest fashion cities – New York City, Coach New York is known for manufacturing a variety of luxury items ranging from bags and purses to different accessories and ready-to-wear items. 

Headed by its CEO Todd Kahn, the company has over 900 locations as of 2019. 

Editor’s Note on Coach Outlet Discount Pricing Class Action Settlement:

This feature is an update regarding the latest developments in the settlement of the highly talked Coach Outlet Discount Pricing Class Action. 

In this legal affair, Coach New York is accused of duping customers through illegal reference pricing tactics on its Coach outlet store product offerings. 

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