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Ryder Class Action Settlement – $5 Million To Ryder Drivers…

Ryder Delivery Riders Rejoice As Company Agrees To Class Action Settlement

A settlement fund worth $5 million will be awarded to qualified class members in the Ryder Delivery Drivers Class Action Lawsuit Settlement after they were not classified as employees of the company. 

If you are a Ryder delivery driver and want to know whether you can make a claim, you must have undergone a direct contract with Ryder and MXD Group Inc., either on your own or through another company, and have rendered your services in California during December 12, 2014, and July 26, 2020. 

The final amount that a Ryder delivery driver can receive will be calculated depending on the number of workweeks they have rendered their services to the company. Other factors will be considered as well. 

What are the different types of Class Members in this settlement? 

Class members were divided into two categories – the Motor Carrier Class and the Non-Carrier Class. 

A driver is considered a Motor Carrier Class member if they have performed daily delivery services for the company.

Additionally, motor carrier owners who did day-to-day operations of their delivery operations are among the class members. 

On the other hand, members of the Non-Carrier Class are drivers who do not own their vehicles and were summoned by third-party delivery companies to provide their services to Ryder by delivering goods on their behalf. 

Employees who provided delivery services in the company’s warehouse in Barker Parkway are excluded from this settlement. 

These class members were determined after a class action lawsuit was filed against Ryder in a superior court in California in late 2018. 

The complaint detailed that the company is allegedly misclassifying its employees as independent contractors. 

In addition to that, the company has failed to provide certain benefits to its employees ranging from rest periods to covering the pay for ordinary business expenses. 

It also contends that Ryder has failed to pay its drivers the minimum wage and has not provided compensation for overtime work.

Ryder Drivers

About Ryder: 

Officially known as Ryder System Inc., Ryder is a company that specializes in logistics and transportation services.

With its main headquarters in Miami, Florida, the company recorded annual revenue of $8.9 billion in 2019. 

Website: About Ryder | Fleet, Transportation & Supply Chain Solutions

Editor’s Note on Ryder Class Action Settlement:

This news piece is a primer on the class action settlement aimed to benefit several Ryder Delivery Riders after a complaint was filed against the company in court.

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