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ReJuvenation Anti-Aging Pills Settlement 2021 - Quantum Wellness's Customers To Get Refunds Worth $100

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ReJuvenation Anti-Aging Pills Settlement 2021 – Quantum Wellness’s Customers To Get Refunds Worth $100..

Maker of ReJuvenation Anti-Aging Pills Enters Into Agreement With Authorities, Customers Poised To Receive More Than $100 Refunds 

Officials from the Federal Trade Commission or FTC have announced that customers who have bought ReJuvenation anti-aging pills sold by Quantum Wellness Botanical Institute LLC may be eligible for refunds as a part of the agreed settlement. 

Quantum Wellness, The Company Behind ReJuvenation Anti-Aging Pills, Agrees To Settle Case

According to the online reports, the recent announcement from the FTC came after the government agency and the pills’ manufacturer, Quantum Wellness Botanical Institute LLC, agreed to a settlement amidst claims that the latter marketed their ReJuvenation anti-aging supplements as a remedy to almost every ailment caused by the body’s natural aging process. 

Authorities detailed that Quantum Wellness reportedly made assertions that their anti-aging product can cure damages caused by heart attacks, cell breakdowns, and the like. They even claimed that it can potentially give a solution to a person with hearing loss. 

Quantum Wellness’s potentially dubious marketing tactics were reportedly done via emails, mails, and postcards sent out to customers. According to trade officials, the anti-aging pills were sold online on three different sites:,, and 

Quantum Wellness ReJuvenation Anti-aging Pills Settlement, Customers Eyed To Receive Refunds 

After their investigation and other actions, the FTC forged an agreement with Quantum Wellness Botanical Institute LLC wherein the company agreed to pay up $660,000 worth of settlement funds as a penalty. 

In addition, the drugmaker has agreed that they will not make any more claims regarding their anti-aging pill and other product offerings unless they are backed by scientific data and research. 

Anyone who has bought Quantum Wellness’s ReJuvenation anti-aging pills can file a claim to potentially receive refund checks of up to $113. No proof of purchase is required for those who are planning to make their claims. 

Claims will still be received and entertained only until the last day of August 2021. 

Should you have any questions and concerns about this particular settlement case or plan to file a personal claim for yourself, you can head on over the official settlement webpage. 

Further information will be covered here on the Consider The Consumer online site as soon as they are made available to the public. Stay tuned! 

Editor’s Note on ReJuvenation Anti-Aging Pills Settlement 2021 – Quantum Wellness’s Customers To Get Refunds Worth $100: 

This feature reports on the latest announcement released by the Federal Trade Commission stating that Quantum Wellness Botanical Institute LLC has conceded to their cause and will pay up $660,000 to end the legal action filed against them. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Federal Trade Commission v. Quantum Wellness Botanical Institute LLC; Case No: 2:20-cv-00244

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the District of Arizona

Products/Services Involved: ReJuvenation anti-aging medication

Allegation(s): Wellness Botanical Institute made unproven scientific claims surrounding the anti-aging pills to potentially mislead customers into buying them. 

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