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Red Bull Settlement Check Updates - Second Round In Progress Of The $13 Million False Advertising Class Action Lawsuit

Class Action Settlements

Red Bull Settlement Check Updates – Second Round In Progress Of The $13 Million False Advertising Class Action Lawsuit…

The Red Bull Settlement

Reports have been shared by the Red Bull energy drink consumers that they have been receiving their rebates in the mail. These consumers were a part of the Red Bull class action settlement that claimed the company falsely advertised its products. 

Consumers who submitted timely and valid claims disclosed they received the four-pack in the mail.

The energy drink maker encouraged those who filed a claim to keep on checking their inbox or their mail, as there may be some delay in the processing of all the claims. However, Red Bull assured that those with valid claims will receive their payout share of the settlement.

The $13 million settlement benefited everyone in the U.S. who bought a minimum of a single purchase of Red Bull products between January 1, 2002, and October 3, 2014.

They gave eligible consumers who joined the settlement and submitted valid claim forms an option to choose from the offered payout options:

  1. A $10 cash reimbursement (as a check); or
  2. Free Red Bull products with a retail value of approximately $15 mailed to their addresses.

Aside from the four-pack that people said to have received in their mail, consumers in October 2016 began receiving the second round of settlement payout as a check worth $2.01 for those who opted for that form of a payout.

What To Know Of The Red Bull Class Action Lawsuit

The class action lawsuit against Red Bull North America Inc. was filed because the company misrepresented the functionality and safety of its Red Bull energy drink products. 

According to the lawsuit, the energy drink maker made promises in its marketing of the products that “Red Bull gives you wings” and that it “vitalizes body and mind.” 

The beverage maker cited the unique mixture of ingredients that it claimed improves the mental and physiological performance of those who drank it.

Consumers, however, accused the company of false advertising and complained that the product actually only had similar effects to a cup of coffee or a caffeine pill. 

The scientific studies posted on the Red Bull website were also challenged in the complaint. 

According to the purported studies, the company’s energy drinks were far superior to less expensive products that only have caffeine.

The class members called this into question, pointing out that Red Bull’s claims that its products are superior to other cheaper alternatives lack support from scientifically reliable studies.

The class action lawsuit accused the company of breach of express warranty, unjust enrichment, and violations of various states’ consumer protection statutes. 

Red Bull has denied any wrongdoing and maintains that its marketing and representation of the products were truthful and accurate.

Read more about the Red Bull energy drink false advertising class action settlement lawsuit: Benjamin Careathers v. Red Bull North America Inc., Case No. 1:13-cv-00369, and Wolf, et al. v. Red Bull GmbH et al., Case No. 1:13-cv-08008, S.D. N.Y.

How Does Red Bull Give You Wings?

Red Bull energy drink was created in 1987 by the Austrian company Red Bull GmbH and has the highest share of energy drinks in the world. 

As of 2019, they sold around 7.5 billion cans and in 2020 captured around 43% of the total market share. But what is the reason for this success?

First, Red Bull had no competition when it started out. It was the first energy drink made and, in fact, created the energy drink category. 

But one of the main reasons why it became such a billion-dollar success is its tagline or slogan, “Red Bull gives you wings.” 

The original slogan gained ground for the company’s effective strategy to market the energy drink products. 

It is focused on the idea that Red Bull energy drink products give people “wings,” which actually means that it gives the “energy” that people need after prolonged efforts and difficulties of their daily affairs.

This tagline actually fuels their content as it settles consumers with the idea that whenever they feel worn out and need an extra push, they need to only grab a can with two charging bulls on them. 

Red Bull has also produced and sponsored some world’s most action-packed, high-flying sports and activities.

Red Bull’s strategy proved how powerful content could be if marketed well. 

It targets an audience composed of people aged 18-34 years old because this is the age bracket that usually is active and on the go, interested in action-packed activities, and likes to have fun.

However, the slogan was challenged in 2014 when a consumer sued the company for ‘false advertising.’ 

The consumer argued that even after years of Red Bull energy drink consumption, he neither had wings nor any kind of enhanced athletic or intellectual performance. 

The judge agreed and said that “such deceptive conduct and practices mean that [Red Bull’s] advertising and marketing is not just ‘puffery,’ but is instead deceptive and is therefore actionable.

Red Bull settled this lawsuit with a $13-million settlement. It also agreed to change its advertising tactics. Because the tagline is now very famous and catchy, they could not entirely do away with it. 

However, they changed it by adding two more “i” to the word’ wings.’ Technically, the word cannot be found in the dictionary and can, in no way, be made to mean the definitive word ‘wings’ but can sound similar and have the same connotation.

How Can I Get $10 for Red Bull?

According to a settlement agreed upon around September 9, 2014, if you’ve bought a Red Bull drink between 2002 and October 3, 2014, you might be eligible to get $10 or $15 in products.

Customers sued as they felt they had been misinformed about the benefits Red Bull products can give them, including the catchphrase, “Red Bull gives you wings.”

The company agreed to pay the settlement but did not admit to any wrongdoing. They settled two class suits for a total amount of $13 million.

Potential class members needed to fill out a claim form to get either $10 or $15 worth of Red Bull products. They had to call 877-495-1568 and ask for the claim form to be sent to them.

There are ways for class members to send the claim form back in:

  • Through
  • Through email to the Class Settlement Administrator
  • Through fax at 844-553-1374 to the Class Settlement Administrator
  • Through mail at Energy Drink Settlement, c/o GCG, P.O. Box 35123, Seattle, WA 98124-5123 to the Class Settlement Administrator

All claim forms had to be in or postmarked no later than March 2, 2015.

How Much Money Is a Red Bull Energy Drink Worth?

The following are the important details about the sales of Red Bull.

The manufacturing costs of a single can of Red Bull are around $0.09, while the average wholesale price of one can in Western countries costs about $1.87. The suggested retail price (SRP) of a single can is roundabout $3.59.

According to, Red Bull sold around $1.32 billion from 2019 until December 26, 2020. Initially introduced in 1984, they are now one of the leading energy drink brands in the world. Their sales have been increasing steadily since 2015.

Not only is their brand associated with an energy drink, but they also have Formula One teams in their lineup and soccer clubs.

How Long Does Red Bull Take to Leave Your System?

Not everyone is a morning person, and sometimes, we need something to give us a little pick-me-up when we wake up as soon as the sun shines. 

Some do coffee, and there are ones who do a can of Red Bull to get their day started.

They are especially useful, especially if you’ll be driving on long trips, but sometimes their effects have been under scrutiny. Despite some horror stories, people drink them regularly for the caffeine boost it provides.

10 minutes after drinking Red Bull

Your heart rate and blood pressure will start to rise, as it takes 10 minutes for the drink to get into the bloodstream.

15 – 45 minutes after drinking Red Bull

You’ll feel more alert at this time, your concentration and alertness improved.

30 – 50 minutes after drinking Red Bull

The liver has absorbed all the caffeine at this time, responding already to the sugar that entered into the blood.

An hour after drinking Red Bull

A sugar crash will start around this time, and the effects of the caffeine will start to wear down. At this time, you’ll feel tired, and your energy will start to feel low.

12 hours after drinking Red Bull

This is the time that it takes for the body to fully remove the caffeine from the body, although the time may depend on how old and active you are.

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