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Rash Curtis TCPA Settlement - $75 Million On Its Way Out Of The $267 Million Settlement Fund

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Rash Curtis TCPA Settlement – $75 Million On Its Way Out Of The $267 Million Settlement Fund…

Rash Curtis To Pay $75 Million As Settlement; Claimants In The TCPA Violations Class Action Settlement To Receive Proportionate Payments 

The settlement proceedings concerning the Rash Curtis TCPA Class Action Lawsuit are underway. According to official reports, the settlement’s official site is now up and live for everybody to see. 

Click to access Rash-Curtis-TCPA-Settlement.pdf

Quick Lookback On The Rash Curtis TCPA Class Action 

Rash Curtis was slapped with a class action lawsuit alleging that the company has violated the protective provisions of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA. 

Filed by Ignacio Perez and others, the Rash Curtis TCPA Class Action Lawsuit has contended that the collection company used an auto-dialing phone system to call their customers.  

A jury rendered their decision stating that Rash Curtis violated the TCPA and made more than half a million illegal calls. A few months after, in September 2019, the California court hearing the case agreed to award a more than $267 million decision in favor of the complainants and Class group. Defendant Rash Curtis has filed their appeal to the decision. As of writing, it is still pending. 

After a few legal maneuverings in court, Rash Curtis has successfully forced its insurance company to pay up more than $75 million as settlement that would end up being used as the main settlement fund in the Rash Curtis TCPA Class Action Lawsuit. This is all while the court has not given their final decision yet to the September 2019 verdict.

Initial Settlement Information

Per initial details, the settlement amount of $75 million will be distributed amongst qualified class members depending on the number of illegal calls made by Rash Curtis. It is said that an eligible claimant may end up receiving almost $40,000 as settlement payment after they received a whopping 483 illegal phone calls. 

Although the court is yet to approve the settlement conditions, it is expected that more than 12,000 Class members may be able to benefit from this class action settlement case. 

The Rash Curtis TCPA settlement does not require any claim form for claimants, but those who want to file their objections can do so before the deadline – 10th of September 2021.

About The Company

Rash Curtis, or officially known as Rash Curtis & Associates, is a California-based collection company founded more than four decades ago. A for-profit company, Rash Curtis provides debt and other collection services to different sectors in the field of government, retail, and others.   

Editor’s Note on Rash Curtis TCPA Settlement: 

This settlement update informs you of the latest developments in the class action involving Rash Curtis after a court decision allowed it to tap into other resources to pay up for its alleged misdeeds. You might also be interested in reading about the HelloFresh TCPA Settlement.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Ignacio Perez, et al. v. Rash Curtis & Associates; Case No.: 4:16-cv-03396-YGR

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Northern District of California

Products/Services Involved: TCPA

Allegation(s): Rash Curtis & Associates violated the rules of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act after they used an automated system to phone clients. 

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