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Prescott Settlement Over Coppertone Sunscreen Approved For $2.25 Million By Judge N.M. Cousins

Class Action Settlements

Prescott Settlement Over Coppertone Sunscreen Approved For $2.25 Million By Judge N.M. Cousins

Coppertone Sunscreen Settlement Granted Final Approval

The judge gave the final approval to the settlement of the class action filed by plaintiff Prescott after a hearing on December 15, 2021.

The same day, a final approval order indicated that no opt-out or objection requests had been made. Magistrate Judge Nathanael M. Cousins of the United States indicated that he deemed the settlement to be fair, reasonable, and adequate in all respects.

If no appeals are filed, payment will be made to individuals who submitted valid claims. The agreement mandated that each Coppertone sunscreen bottle refund would cost no more than $2.50. Yet, for those who do not have any proof of purchase, they can only refund up to four times the aforementioned amount. 

California Judge Questions Several Settlement Details

The settlement agreement, amounting to $2.25 million, was the result of the class action participants arriving at a consensus that ending legal proceedings via the said settlement as a route is a viable and desirable option to move forward with the case’s resolution. 

Coppertone customers sued Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for allegedly marketing their sunscreen products as ‘mineral-based,’ i.e., chemical-free. However, they contained different traces of synthetic substances. The class action lawsuit covered a series of Coppertone sunscreen products, including the kids and sports versions. 

Why The Settlement Was Denied Earlier?

Judge Cousins concluded that the settlement agreement details that were forwarded to his court contained wide and vague generalizations and insights. As a result, he asked the participating parties to specify key areas in the document. 

Furthermore, the federal judge raised concerns about the possible conflict of interest present in selecting the Look Good Feel Better Program as the primary recipient in the case of excess unclaimed settlement funds left after the settlement. 

To remedy this, he asked the parties to explain in their revised filing how the organization is a neutral party in the case, and there is no conflict of interest present to quell the judge’s worries. 

Meanwhile, the attorney’s fees were also questioned by Judge Cousins in his recent promulgation. The legal counsels were originally asking for up to a quarter-million dollars as their share in the settlement, but the judge asked them to provide comparable examples to help justify the amount they are asking for.

About The Company

Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is the maker of Coppertone Sunscreen products which are at the forefront of the above mentioned settlement agreement.

With its headquarters located in New Jersey, the sunscreen manufacturer is believed to make almost six hundred million dollars in revenue from sales generated from their health products. It is said that the company hires nearly two thousand workers in its total workforce. 

Editor’s Note on Prescott Settlement Over Coppertone Sunscreen Approved For $2.25 Million: 

This latest feature alert aims to inform you of the latest developments in the Coppertone Sunscreen class action settlement agreement. 

Prescott Settlement Details:

Case Name(s) & No.: Prescott, et al. v. Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc., et al.; Case No.: 5:20-cv-00102

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Northern District of California 

Products/Services Involved: Different Coppertone Sunscreen items

Allegation(s): Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc. misrepresented some of its sunscreen products as chemical-free, though they contained synthetic materials on its ingredients. 

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