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Postmates Couriers Settlement 2021 - PM To Pay $32 Million To End Class Action Claiming Their Couriers Were Qualified As Contractors

Class Action Settlements

Postmates Couriers Settlement 2021 – PM To Pay $32 Million To End Class Action Claiming Their Couriers Were Qualified As Contractors…

Past And Present Postmates Couriers In California Can Join Settlement Proceedings Involving Workers Misclassification Case

California couriers who once worked or are currently rendering services to Postmates may be eligible to receive a share from an ongoing class action lawsuit settlement. Those who belong to the Class group of Postmate workers included in the class action can potentially benefit from the settlement.

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A Glance Back At Plaintiffs’ Rimler And Jones Class Action Against Postmates 

The Postmates Courier Class Action Lawsuit was filed by complainants Giovannie Jones and Jacob Rimler. The two worked for Postmates as couriers providing delivery services to the company’s clients. Both of them sued Postmates after the company allegedly violated several Labor Code provisions. 

Postmates faced accusations that they purposely misclassified some of its couriers as independent contractors working for the company. According to the class action filing, it was a direct transgression of California’s labor statute. 

Amidst the ongoing settlement proceedings, Postmates stressed that they did nothing wrong. The company, however, promised to pay $32 million. The said amount will be used in the ongoing settlement proceedings, and payment checks distribution. 

Postmates Couriers Settlement’s Key Details

Consider The Consumer has listed down some of the important details you should know in this particular Settlement case. Check them out below:

  • Eligible claimants who can join the class action settlement proceedings are those who worked for Postmates or via the company’s platform as an independent contractor and were able to finish at least a single delivery between the 3rd of June 2017 to the 1st of January 2021 in California; 
  • The settlement payments to each applicant will depend on the estimated number of miles they have driven while fulfilling delivery orders as Postmates courier;
  • According to early details, each eligible Postmates courier is guaranteed to receive a minimum of $10;
  • Some claimants can receive more than $600, yet officials stress that the recipient would be responsible for reporting the payment and possibly paying for taxes and other charges entailed with it to the proper government agencies;
  •  Participants are asked to provide their ID and a control number sent to their way via mail or email;
  • Those who wish to join but do not have a control number or were not able to receive theirs can contact the settlement’s supervising administrator;
  • The last day for filing for a claim or a decision to not join the proceedings is on the 2nd of November 2021;
  • A final approval hearing is slated the following day after the submission deadline. 

Editor’s Note on Postmates Couriers Settlement 2021: 

This settlement feature discusses information about the class action settlement agreement between Postmates and their couriers, who brought a labor violation case against them in court. A similar settlement was agreed upon by DoorDash.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Jacob Rimler, et al. v. Postmates Inc.; Case No.: CGC-18-567868 / Postmates Classification Cases; Case No.: CJC-20-005068

Jurisdiction: San Francisco Superior Court

Allegation(s): Postmates misclassified their past and current couriers as independent contractors – violating California law as a consequence. 

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