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Pacific Pie Delivery Drivers Settlement 2021 - Domino's Franchisee To End Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Lunch Breaks

Class Action Settlements

Pacific Pie Delivery Drivers Settlement 2021 – Domino’s Franchisee To End Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Lunch Breaks…

Domino’s Pizza Washington Franchisee’s Delivery Drivers Set To Receive Compensation After Allegedly Deprived Of Their Work Breaks 

A number of qualified delivery drivers for Pacific Pie, conducting business as Domino’s Pizza, will be able to receive monetary compensation after settlement proceedings have been a success involving a worker’s rights class action lawsuit filed against the franchiser. 

Click to access Krystal-Pratt-et-al.-v.-Pacific-Pie-Inc..pdf

Pacific Pie Delivery Drivers’ Lawsuit By Krystall Pratt Moves To Settlement Phase

The Pacific Pie Delivery Drivers Settlement 2021 stemmed from litigation raised against Pacific Pie after they purportedly did not provide their delivery drivers law-mandated work breaks. 

Complainant Krystall Pratt contended that Pacific Pie Inc., along with other defendants Liberty Pizza LLC, and Shane Anderson, failed to follow the state of Washington’s workers’ law by not allowing delivery drivers to take their half-hour lunch breaks during their shifts. Moreover, delivery drivers were allegedly asked to do off-the-clock work. 

Spokane-based company Pacific Pie decided to enter a settlement agreement with the plaintiffs yet maintained that they did not do anything wrong. Both have agreed that the settlement route is the best choice to avoid the costs entailing the ongoing legal proceedings. 

As of writing, the court has not rendered its decision in favor of any of the parties involved in the case. 

Settlement Initial Brief 

Consider The Consumer has listed down the necessary information involving the Pacific Pie Delivery Drivers Settlement: 

  • Delivery drivers who have rendered work services to the defendants Pacific Pie Inc., Shane Anderson, and Liberty Pizza LLC between the dates of 1st June 2015 to 30th August 2020 can join the settlement proceedings;
  • The amount each eligible claimant will receive is yet to be determined;
  • Those who would like to file their claims or raise their objections regarding the settlement agreement forged between the plaintiff and defendants can forward their submissions on or before 20th September 2021;
  • The court-mandated settlement final hearing date is slated for 1st October 2021.

Editor’s Note on Pacific Pie Delivery Drivers Settlement 2021: 

This settlement alert aims to inform you of the settlement proceedings between Pacific Pie, Inc. and others and complainants after the former failed to follow Washington workers’ law. Recently, Amazon also agreed upon a similar settlement concerning its Washington Delivery Drivers.

Case Name(s) & No.: Krystal Pratt, et al., v. Pacific Pie, Inc., et al.; Case No.: 2018-02-02516-2

Jurisdiction: Superior Court of the State of Washington in and for the County of Spokane

Products/Services Involved: Workers’ Lunch Breaks

Allegation(s): Pacific Pie delivery drivers were not given their law-mandated work breaks and were even forced to do off-the-clock work responsibilities. 

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