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Old Navy Reference Pricing Settlement With Anastasha Barba

Class Action Settlements

Old Navy Reference Pricing Settlement With Anastasha Barba And Others…

Old Navy Customers To Get Up To $10 Worth Of Purchase Certificates In Reference Pricing Class Action Settlement

Old Navy clients in the United States, except those from the state of Missouri, can receive benefits in the latest Old Navy Reference Pricing Settlement dealAccording to reports, it is said that eligible claimants can receive up to $10 worth of purchase certificates exclusive for use in Old Navy’s locations.

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Old Navy Enters Settlement Deal To End False Reference Pricing Lawsuit

The settlement stemmed from a class action case filed by plaintiff Anastasha Barba against the garment seller. Old Navy, a clothing retail brand under Gap Inc., was accused of perpetrating misleading sale advertising claims to trick its would-be customers. 

The Old Navy Reference Pricing Class Action Lawsuit alleged that Old Navy engaged in doing false reference pricing tactics.

It is said that customers were duped into thinking that they were buying an item on sale at a discounted price compared to the original price. But upon further checking, the said offerings did not originally sell for the mentioned price tag. 

Barba claimed that the company’s false reference pricing method made consumers more likely to make a purchase, for they think that they are snagging a great deal. 

In its defense, Old Navy has vehemently denied the allegations, yet it concurred that going into settlement mode is a viable way to resolve the class action.

Anastasha Barba v. Old Navy, et al. Case Settlement Proceedings Details

Consider The Consumer has listed down the following details surrounding the Old Navy Reference Pricing Settlement

  • Only those who made a purchase from any Old Navy Store or Outlet Store in the United States except in Missouri or via the Old Navy official online site between the 12th of November 2015 and 2nd of December 2021 can join the settlement;
  • Old Navy has pledged to provide qualified Class members settlement purchase certificates amounting to $5 each;
  • Only qualified purchases are covered in the settlement;

The settlement beneficiaries are grouped in two:

  • Tier 1 claimants are those who did not send proof of purchase or are only able to present proof of purchase amounting to less than $90 and can only get one purchase certificate; and
  • Tier 2 claimants are those who send proof of purchase amounting to $90 and more and can get two purchase certificates; 
  • The deadline for submitting a claim form is on the 31st of May 2022;
  • Those that want to exclude themselves in the class action or want to send in their objections can follow the deadline slated on the 16th of February 2022; and
  • The Old Navy Reference Pricing Settlement’s final approval hearing is scheduled for the 16th of March 2022.

Updates will be posted on Consider The Consumer as soon as they are released to the public. 

Editor’s Note on Old Navy Reference Pricing Settlement With Anastasha Barba And Others:

This feature divulges information about the settlement news involving Old Navy and the legal battle launched against it over false reference pricing methods. We also suggest you read the ON Workers Weekly Wages Lawsuit.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Anastasha Barba v. Old Navy, et al.; Case No.: CGCC-19-581937

Jurisdiction: Superior Court Of The State Of California, Country Of San Francisco

Allegation(s): Old Navy tricked its buyers into thinking that they were getting a great deal with the company through the use of reference pricing.

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