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Mowi Ducktrap Salmon Class Action Settlement

Class Action Settlements

Mowi USA Ducktrap Salmon Class Action Settlement For $1.3 Million

After Months Of Legal Proceedings, $1.3 Million Settlement On Its Way In Conclusion Of The Mowi Ducktrap Salmon Class Action Saga

Plaintiffs in the Mowi Ducktrap Salmon Class Action Lawsuit have asked a judge to approve the initial settlement details. 

Filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, the class action lawsuit revolves around the allegations that Mowi USA LLC has intentionally mislabeled its products’ origins, manufacturing methods, and how they were sourced. 

The company has denied any wrongdoing and shrugged off the allegations mentioned above from the very beginning. 

But it seems that the latest settlement agreement may spell the end of the continued legal proceeding filed against Mowi USA. 

In a motion filed in court, plaintiffs in the case are asking the judge to approve a settlement agreement that would require Mowi USA to pay out $1.3 million. 

After paying off court fees, attorney fees, and other charges – the money will then be distributed amongst certified class members. 

It is expected that a customer who has bought a mislabeled Mowi USA Salmon product can get up to $25 in rebates. 

Because the filing is still at its earliest stages, the parameters used to determine eligible class members in the Mowi Ducktrap Salmon Class Action Settlement are yet to be determined. 

Important pieces of information such as eligibility, dates of purchases, etc., are expected to be released soon after the judge agrees to the initial details of the settlement. 

We here at Consider The Consumer, will report on the matter as soon as the details are made available to the members of the general public. 

Besides agreeing to pay up more than a million dollars, Mowi USA has also agreed to update its labels on its salmon products in order to reflect the true and authentic nature of the aforementioned products. 

It is reported that the company will refrain from using statements such as ‘all-natural,’ ‘Naturally Smoked Salmon FROM MAINE,’ and ‘sustainably sourced’ in all of its marketing and packaging materials concerning its salmon products. 

This is expected to happen within the next two years under the court’s guise, yet Mowi USA will still be able to include the ‘smoked in Maine’ claim on its products’ labeling. 

This is not the first time Mowi USA has been in trouble for allegedly failing to properly disclose its salmon products’ nature through its label. 

The company is poised to face a Maine class action lawsuit contending that the company has employed unsustainable practices concerning its salmon farming and manufacturing that end up harming the environment.  

About the company

Mowi USA LLC, or simply referred to as Mowi USA in this feature, is a multinational seafood company known to be the world’s leader in Atlantic salmon production. 

The company has a presence in the form of sales and manufacturing operations in over 25 countries around the globe and employs more than twelve thousand individuals. 

Editor’s Note on Mowi USA Ducktrap Salmon Class Action Settlement:

This feature article aims to inform you of the latest developments in the Mowi Ducktrap Salmon Class Action Lawsuit, wherein a settlement might be on its way soon.

This comes after complainants have accused Mowi USA of allegedly not properly labeling its salmon products’ packaging information. 

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