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Minted Data Breach Settlement 2021 - $5 Million Settlement Agreement For Affected Users

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Minted Data Breach Settlement 2021 – $5 Million Settlement Agreement For Affected Users…

Minted $5 Million Settlement Over Data Breach

MoginRubin LLP secured preliminary approval for a $5 million settlement on behalf of customers alleging Minted violated the CCPA or “California Consumer Privacy Act” by failing to protect their personal information during a May 2020 data breach.

Melissa Atkinson, et al. v. Minted Inc.

Plaintiffs Melissa Atkinson and Katie Renvall sued Minted on behalf of themselves and approximately 4.1 million other affected customers, alleging negligence and violations of California’s Unfair Competition Law and the CCPA.

The Complaint alleges that computer hacking group ShinyHunters gained access to the user databases of 11 companies, including Minted. The hackers subsequently attempted to sell millions of customer records, including personally identifiable information on the dark web.

Customers whose personal information was compromised due to a Minted data breach may be eligible to claim about $43 in undocumented loss as part of a $5 million class action settlement.

Minted is a platform for independent artists and designers to sell their work online. Through monthly design challenges, the firm crowdsources art and graphic design. The public decides for the winning entries, and Minted then creates them as stationery, wall art, and home decor.

The Class includes all residents of the United States that have a Minted account or who have provided Minted with their name, address, or any other personal information—on or before June 27, 2020.

Melissa Atkinson Settlement

The company has agreed to the Melissa Atkinson Settlement while denying all charges of wrongdoing.

Class Members may file claims for payment and/or credit services following the terms of the Minted data breach settlement agreement.

Customers who are already secured by credit monitoring services can enroll in additional security. Plaintiffs filing for payment will receive an estimated $43, based on the number of claimants.

Lastly, Members who will file a claim do not need to present documentation in order to be compensated. Payment and benefits will be made available only after the settlement is approved by the Court and any appeals are resolved.

Along with this relief, Minted has agreed to improve its data security procedures to better secure the personal customer data stored in its database. Thus, among other things, this step includes:

  • Complex account passwords
  • Filtering the website traffic, and
  • Annual security awareness training for employees

The final fairness hearing of the Minted data breach settlement is scheduled for December 2, 2021.

The deadline to file a claim, withdraw from the settlement, or object is September 16, 2021.

Editor’s Note on Minted Data Breach Settlement 2021:

This article is written to notify you of Minted’s alleged CCPA violation by failing to secure its customers’ personal data, resulting in a breach.

Case Name & No.: Melissa Atkinson, et al. v. Minted Inc., Case No. 3:20-cv-03869-VC

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California

Products/Services: Users Private Data

Allegations: Minted alleged negligence, breach of implied contract, breach of contract, and violation of California’s Unfair Competition Law and CCPA

Status: To be settled

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