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McLaren Healthcare Flint Water Settlement Reduced To $5 Million From $20

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McLaren Healthcare Flint Water Settlement Reduced To $5 Million From $20…

McLaren Healthcare’s Settlement Contribution In The Flint Water Crisis Settlement Reduced

A Michigan court allowed the settlement payment reduction of McLaren Healthcare Corp in the Flint Water Crisis Settlement amidst protests from Flint’s local city council. 

Michigan Judge Allows Decrease In McLaren Healthcare’s Settlement Payment Despite Strong Opposition From The Local City Council

District Judge Judith Levy permitted the decrease of the settlement payment to be paid by McLaren Healthcare Corp in the Flint Water settlement agreement. From an earlier figure of $20 million, now the company will pay only $5 million. 

The judge said that the outcome is more preferable that the medical company backing out of the settlement agreement by raising its own ‘walk away rights.’ This is because of the very small number of plaintiffs that have joined the Flint Water Crisis Settlement proceedings. 

The amended settlement, thus, allows McLaren Healthcare to back out of the settlement if it wishes to do so. 

The city council of Flint, a co-defendant in the legal case, has vehemently fought the move, but the judge dismissed its claims citing lack of authority. 

As of writing, Flint Water Crisis Settlement and developments are on the horizon. Consider The Consumer will continue to bring you the latest information involving this matter. 

Per the latest court documents, the former submission deadline of 26th August 2021 for forwarding of claims is declared invalid by authorities. An amended and new deadline will be announced soon. 

Melissa Mays, et al. v. Governor of Michigan, et al.: The Flint Water Crisis Litigation

The Flint Water Crisis Settlement all stemmed from the poisoning of the city of Flint’s water supply in 2014. It is said that government officials at the time had knowledge that the water being used by residents had traces of lead that posed serious health risks to humans. 

Nevertheless, local Michigan authorities hid the truth from the unknowing public, which resulted in a lot of natives continuing to use the poisoned water. The incident was heavily covered for months by national media outlets – putting a spotlight on the realities of clean water accessibility in certain areas in the United States. 

As a result of the whole ordeal, it is said that most residents who have fallen victim to the Flint Water Crisis have large amounts of lead in their bodies which may cause certain types of cancers in the future.

Editor’s Note on McLaren Healthcare Flint Water Settlement:  

This settlement update aims to give you the latest news surrounding a recent court ruling permitting one of the defendants in the Flint Water Crisis Settlement to significantly cut down its settlement payment.      

Case Name(s) & No.: Melissa Mays, et al. v. Governor of Michigan, et al.; Case No.: 157420-2

Jurisdiction: Michigan Supreme Court

Allegation(s): Several agents ranging from Michigan government authorities to private entities are responsible for the lead poisoning of the city of Flint’s water supply.     

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