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McDonald’s Covid-19 Safety Settlement - Class Action Filed Over Unsafe Working Conditions By Employees Ends

Class Action Settlements

McDonald’s Covid-19 Safety Settlement – Class Action Filed Over Unsafe Working Conditions By Employees Ends…

McDonald’s Settlement to Employees Over Covid-19 Safety Standards

McDonald’s employees and an Oakland franchise agreed to a list of health and safety measures, resolving a lawsuit filed in June by employees alleging they were exposed to unsanitary conditions. It was also stated that they were required to put on coffee filters and doggy diapers as face masks during the initial coronavirus outbreak.

Click to access Yamilett-Olimara-Osoy-Hernandez-et-al.-v.-VES-McDonalds-et-al..pdf

What’s Included in the Settlement?

McDonald’s employees and franchisees agreed to execute a dozen health and safety measures in order to resolve the dispute. Increased deep cleaning and sanitation, enhanced sick leave requests, wellness checks, physical distancing, and regular hand washing breaks are among the measures.

Additionally, the workers agreed to increased communication and contact tracing in the eventuality of a positive COVID-19 test, as well as paid quarantine leave. Additionally, the chain has agreed to supply masks and gloves to staff who want them — a big jump from the improvised doggy diapers and coffee filters employees stated they were forced to use by McDonald’s last summer.

Furthermore, the settlement establishes a health and safety committee comprised of McDonald’s employees and management. According to court filings, the group will meet monthly to assess COVID-19 safety measures.

McDonald’s Employees Lawsuit Over COVID-19 Working Conditions

In June, Oakland McDonald’s employees sued, alleging they were not warned of their exposure to COVID-19 and that management failed to supply protective gear and policies throughout the outbreak.

McDonald’s employees filed an identical lawsuit in Illinois alleging that the fast-food restaurant failed to provide safety training to its employees or to implement safety protocols amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Last month, McDonald’s employees reportedly submitted similar settlement documents in court.

The fast-food chain asserted that it engaged closely with public health authorities, global suppliers, and the Mayo Clinic to procure hundreds of millions of dollars worth of protective equipment.

The company reportedly stated that they are convinced that any outlier behavior mentioned in the complaints does not represent what has occurred and continues to occur across 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the United States.

Editor’s Note on McDonald’s Covid-19 Safety Settlement:

This article is written to inform you of the class action settlement against McDonald’s over unfair business practices. A similar class action was filed against Rite Aid due to compulsive uniform code.

Case Name & No.: Yamilett Olimara Osoy Hernandez, et al. v. VES McDonald’s, et al., Case No. RG2006485

Jurisdiction: Superior Court of the State of California, County of Alameda

Products/Services: Safety standards, Unfair/Unlawful business practices

Allegations: McDonald’s employees allegedly worked in unsanitary conditions and did not have protective gear amidst the Covid-19 outbreak

Status: In-progress

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