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Maxwell House Coffee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

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Maxwell House Coffee Class Lawsuit Settlement – Kraft Heinz To Settle For $16 Million Over Alleged False Serving Capacity

Customers Who Have Bought Maxwell House Coffee Entitled Cash Up To $25

Customers who have bought select Maxwell House Coffee products will be able to receive cash payments of up to $25 as Kraft Heinz decided to enter a settlement to end the Maxwell House Serving Sizes Class Action Lawsuit. 

According to several online reports, Kraft Heinz will set aside $16 million worth of settlement funds that will be distributed to certified members of a Nationwide Class covered by the class action lawsuit. 

If you have bought one or more Maxwell House or Yuban brand ground coffee products between the dates of August 27, 2015, and January 18, 2021, you are considered as a member of the Nationwide Class. 

If you are a Maxwell House customer, you can look forward to receiving up to $25 cash reimbursement per the settlement’s initial details. 

There are two scenarios in filing a claim: one, if you are a Class Member and you don’t have proof of purchase, you will be entitled to claim a maximum of a little less under five dollars; two, if you are a Class Member and you are able to provide proof of purchase, you will be entitled to up to $25 depending on the number of products you have purchased and the proof of purchase that can support your claim. 

For more information about the settlement, there is already a settlement site live that will provide interested members of the general public with information regarding the settlement. 

You can access it right here [Ferron v Kraft Heinz Foods Company (].

Besides the monetary settlement, Kraft has agreed to work with an independent laboratory to test the suggested servings on its Maxwell House ground coffee products and make sure that it adequately provides the amounts it claims about its serving sizes. 

The settlement stemmed from a class action lawsuit filed by plaintiff Kimberly E. Ferron. 

In her complaint, she mentioned that Kraft Heinz is misleading its customers about the company’s Maxwell House ground coffee product amounts and serving sizes it can provide. 

Ferron claims that the number of coffee servings she was able to make out of the Maxwell House coffee she has bought is far less than the claims in the product’s labeling. 

The class action argues that Kraft Heinz has made false claims and representations of its products, ergo causing financial injury to customers who have bought Maxwell House coffee products.

Kraft Heinz claims that it has not done any wrongdoing and decided to a settlement to end its legal battle in court. 

About the company

Kraft Heinz, officially known as the Kraft Heinz Company, is the result of a merger between Kraft Foods and Heinz in 2015 – creating one of the largest food companies in the globe. 

With its dual headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Chicago, Illinois, the company has reported annual earnings of $26 billion as of writing. 

The company is ranked 114th in the 2018 edition of the Fortune 500 list. 

Editor’s Note on Maxwell House Coffee Class Lawsuit Settlement:

This feature aims to inform you of the latest class action settlement involving Kraft Heinz and customers who have bought Maxwell House Coffee products in the past. 

This article details the initial information of the settlement, such as a background in the case and how much money class members are entitled to receive when they file a claim. 

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