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Marino Settlement - Coach Reference Pricing Class Action Settlement Rebate Checks

Class Action Settlements

Marino Settlement – Coach Reference Pricing Class Action Settlement Rebate Checks Out…

Coach Pays Customers Checks Of Up To $6 Each As Part Of Settlement Agreement

Luxury brand Coach has started to hand out settlement checks to eligible claimants after agreeing to pay up $4.6 million to end the class action lawsuit filed against them. 

Qualified Claimants Benefit From Marino v. Coach Settlement

Per online reports, many qualified Coach customers were able to receive their payments via their bank accounts. Some were even able to collect checks amounting to $6.55. Distribution is still ongoing. 

The settlement agreement stemmed from a class action lawsuit thrown at Coach after the company allegedly misrepresented its prices to dupe customers into believing that they are getting a great deal from items sold at outlet stores. 

A practice known as ‘reference pricing,’ Coach reportedly engaged in devious means and representations to show its customers that its items found at Coach outlets nationwide were originally offered at regular prices in boutiques. 

But, according to the class action, Coach does not offer their regular items on sale at its outlet locations. The company allegedly makes specific items that can only be found at outlet stores at a much lower quality and price. 

Thus Coach outlet customers were made to believe that they were able to gain big discounts on luxury items. 

As of press time, the settlement manager is able to distribute payment checks to many customers, yet the process is still ongoing. Consider The Consumer is committed to bringing you the latest developments in this matter. Stay tuned via the official communications channel below. 

About Coach

Coach, or officially known as Coach Inc., is a luxury fashion and design company founded by Miles Cahn and Lilian Cahn. Currently headquartered in New York City, Coach specializes in the designing, manufacturing, and selling of luxury goods ranging from handbags and luggage to ready-to-wear fashion items. 

Editor’s Note on Marino Settlement – Coach Reference Pricing Class Action Settlement Rebate Checks: 

This features reports on the latest developments in the Coach Reference Pricing Class Action Lawsuit wherein the company was accused of misrepresenting its prices to make customers buy their merchandise. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Marino, et al. v. Coach Inc.; Case No. 1:16-cv-01122-VEC (OTW) 

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Southern District of New York

Allegation(s): Coach Inc. has engaged in malicious and illegal price referencing tactics to lure in potential customers. 

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