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Kia Engine Failure Class Action Settlement – Claims Open Now!

Kia Car Owners Can Now File A Claim For Alleged Engine Defects As Car Company Agrees To Settlement

Claims are now open for consumers who own a Kia vehicle as the company has agreed to settle the class action lawsuit filed against them alleging that the car manufacturer has put in defective engines in their cars. 

According to online reports, Kia has agreed to provide different benefits to eligible claimants in the class action settlement.

Both monetary and non-monetary forms of compensation will be made available to provide relief to the affected customers. 

In order to take part in the Kia engine failure class action settlement, one should be able to meet the following criteria set upon by the deciding parties in the settlement. 

If you own or lease a Kia car, you have a chance to be included in the settlement. However, your car must be any of the following models:

  • Kia Sorento (all 2012 – 2018 models, and certain 2019 models);
  • Kia Sportage (all 2011 – 2018 models, and certain 2019 models); 
  • And, Kia Optima (all 2011 – 2018 models, and certain 2019 models)

If your Kia car belongs to the models mentioned above, you can receive relief through the monetary and non-monetary claims promised by the company.

Customers may avail of an extended warranty on their car’s powertrain warranty.

For those who have their cars repaired due to an engine defect, Kia will reimburse all of the costs incurred.

The company will also add in $140 on top of it as a form of goodwill, but this does not apply to all circumstances. 

A rebate of up to $2000 is available for customers who have lost their faith in the company and its car offerings if they have experienced an engine failure.

Rebate amounts vary depending on the make and model of the affected Kia car. 

In extraordinary circumstances, if your car has caught fire and is attributed to engine failure, you will be awarded a separate amount of money that will be computed. If you have your car traded in, monetary relief is also available. 

To file a claim, you must have all the necessary documents and pieces of evidence to support your claim.

These may come in the form of documents detailing engine failures experienced, repairs done concerning these mishaps, and other important information that will support your claim. 

The deadline for submitting your claim in the Kia engine failure class action settlement is on April 12, 2021. 

Kia Engine Failure Class Action

What Led To The Class Action Settlement?

The settlement stemmed from complaints made by different Kia customers alleging that Kia has put in defective Theta engines in several of its Kia car offerings. 

A class action lawsuit filed against the company detailed that Kia’s car engines contain an error in the insides of its gasoline direct-injection (GDI) fuel system.

The error causes the engine to continue to circulate unclean oil, which leads to a build-up. This is dangerous for it will eventually cause the engine to fail or, worse, catch fire. 

Kia has vehemently denied that they have done anything wrong, but they agreed to a settlement as the complaints continued to pile up. 

About Kia

Formally known as Kia Motors Corporation, Kia is a South Korean car manufacturer with a sizeable presence worldwide.

Founded in late 1944 in Seoul, the company was able to produce more than 2.8 million car units in 2019. 

Editor’s Note on Kia Engine Failure Class Action Settlement:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class action settlement Kia has agreed in order to end litigation filed against them involving allegedly defective car engines. This defect is said to pose a great risk to car drivers.   

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