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Kevin Malek Settlement 2021 - Pressed Juicery Greens Juices Class Action Settles For $695,000

Class Action Settlements

Kevin Malek Settlement 2021 – Pressed Juicery Greens Juices Class Action Settles For $695,000…

$695K Class Action Settlement: Pressed Juicery Greens Juices Ingredients 

Consumers who bought Pressed Juicery’s Greens Juices between 2014 and 2020 may be eligible for up to $10 in reimbursement without proof of purchase as part of a class action settlement.

The Class Involved

Between May 1, 2014, and May 19, 2021, anybody who purchased Pressed Juicery Greens Juices in the United States, its territories, or any U.S. military facility or exchange is included in the Class.

The term “Greens Juices” refers to the Greens 2, Greens 3, and Greens 5 juices sold in the United States by Pressed Juicery.

Pressed Juicery

As per the company’s website, Pressed Juicery produces cold-pressed juice from “farm to bottle.” Apart from juice, the company also produces soft-serve ice cream, smoothies, and other products made entirely of plant-based ingredients.

The company operates in: 

  • Arizona 
  • California 
  • Connecticut 
  • Hawaii 
  • Massachusetts 
  • Nevada 
  • New York 
  • Texas
  • Washington 

Kevin Malek v. Pressed Juicery Inc.

According to a class action lawsuit, Pressed Juicery misrepresents the Greens Juices as containing green vegetables, like spinach, as major ingredients when the first ingredients are actually sugary fruit juices, like apples or pineapples.

The defendant vigorously rejects all claims of wrongdoing, and the court, in this case, has not decided in favor of any party. Instead of that, the parties have reached an agreement to settle.

Kevin Malek Settlement

Class Members who submit a valid claim will be eligible to receive up to $1 for each Pressed Juicery Green Juices up until 10 purchased during the Class Period.

There is no requirement for proof of purchase.

The actual amount of each Class Member’s payment will be determined by dividing the total number of qualifying purchases claimed by all Class Members by the Kevin Malek Settlement’s residual amount, which is $695,000 minus service awards, lawyers’ fees, and other expenses.

If the total exceeds $1, each claimant will get $1 for up to 10 juices. If the difference is less than $1, each eligible Class Member will receive the lesser amount for up to 10 purchases.

Any remaining funds will be returned to Pressed Juices.

Along with these compensatory damages, Pressed Juices has committed to update the ingredient list on the front labels of its Green Juices and other products to reflect the real order of predominance of components by volume in the products for a minimum of five years.

For at least four years following the effective date of the settlement, Pressed Juicery’s counsel or a designee will meet annually with the company’s marketing department to evaluate and comply with the Kevin Malek Settlement agreement’s injunctive requirements.

The settlement with Pressed Juicery is due for final approval on October 8, 2021. The deadline to make a claim, object to the settlement, or withdraw from it is August 9, 2021.

Editor’s Note on Kevin Malek Settlement 2021 – Pressed Juicery Greens Juices Class Action Settles For $695,000:

This article is published to give you an update on the latest settlement agreed to close the Pressed Juicery Greens Juices Class Action.

Case Name & No.: Kevin Malek, et al. v. Pressed Juicery Inc., Case No. CIVDS2017665 

Jurisdiction: Superior Court, State of California for the County Court of San Bernardino

Products/Services: Green Juices and other products

Allegations: Pressed Juicery misrepresents its Greens Juices as containing green vegetables when the major ingredients are actually sugary fruit juices

Status: To Be Settled

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