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Keurig Lawsuit Settlement Details – $31 Million

Keurig K-Cup Lawsuit Settles on $31 Million Dollars

A lawsuit that started in 2014 has finally ended in a settlement amounting to $31 million to address allegations that the company violated several antitrust laws when it fixed Keurig K-Cup products’ cost.

What Else To Know About the Case

A series of lawsuits were filed against Keurig as allegations pointed out that the company tried to stifle the competition by using different anticompetition strategies.

There are several anticompetitive practices that complaints state the company is engaged in, such as acquiring a business that is in the same business as Keurig’s; getting into an exclusive contract with suppliers or distributors so that other business will find it difficult to enter the market; getting into sham patent infringement litigation and designing the product so it will lock out other coffee makers’ single-serve packets.

The settlement will cover people who bought Keurig K-Cup Portion Packs from stores other than Keurig from 7th of September 2010 and 14th of August 2020 in Mississippi and Rhode Island; 24th of March 2011 and 14th of August 2020 in Mississippi; and 15th of July 2013 and 14th of August 2020 in Rhode Island.

Keurig did not admit to doing anything wrong but shelled out $31 million to resolve the complaints.

They’ll be reimbursing the class action members as cash, and rates may range from 0.75% to 100%, based on the state where the item was bought and if the member can provide proof of purchase.

About Keurig

The company was founded by John Sylvan and Peter Dragone in 1992 and has received several companies’ investments to get the company off the ground. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters fully acquired it in 2006, along with several other coffee makers in 2009 and 2010.

Editor’s note on the Keurig K-Cup Lawsuit Settlement: 

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