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Kanye West Sunday Service Settlement - Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Labor Laws To End Soon

Class Action Settlements

Kanye West Sunday Service Settlement – Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Labor Laws To End Soon…

Kanye West’s Lawsuit Decides To Enter Into Possible Settlement Agreement To End Labor Law Violations Class Action

Rapper and fashion and clothing line entrepreneur Kanye West is currently in talks of a possible settlement with the plaintiffs after two labor law violations class actions were filed against him. 

The two class action filings were brought up against former Kim Kardashian’s husband after he allegedly failed to properly pay up his workers at his debut Sunday Service event in late 2019.

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Kanye West Sunday Service Class Action

According to the latest reports, one of them was dismissed by the court. However, the other, represented by the complainant Michael Pearson, is allowed by the court to proceed. 

Pearson’s class action contended that West failed to give him and other employees enough breaktimes. In addition, they were not even given proper compensation. 

The allegations continue on as West also reportedly only paid Pearson and other workers a flat fee per day regardless of the number of hours they rendered work for the rapper. 

Those who also worked for West’s Sunday Service were also allegedly forced to sit on the ground or stand up the whole day because there was not enough chairs present during the day of the event. A bus that was supposed to provide shuttle service to the aggrieved employees was also a no-show. 

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As of writing, court and other official documents show that the two parties have agreed to enter into private mediation to possibly settle the dispute. It is slated for late April 2022. However, they also both decided to stay the course in the class action proceedings. 

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In fact, this is not the only case filed against the Wests by their workers whose rights were allegedly violated by the family. Kim Kardashian, the former spouse to Kanye, ended up being slapped with a class action lawsuit by her former mansion workers due to reported California labor law infractions. 

Editor’s Note on Kanye West Sunday Service Settlement: 

This update aims to give you the latest developments regarding the class actions brought up against Kanye West in relation to alleged violations of workers’ rights. A labor related settlement was recently agreed by DoorDash and its delivery drivers.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Michael Person v. West Brands, LLC; Case No.: 2:21-cv-05022

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Central District of California 

Products/Services Involved: Labor Rights

Allegation(s): Kanye West reportedly failed to follow the different labor and workers protection law provisions. 

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