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Justice Class Action Settlement – False Discount Offer…

$51 Million Dollars Agreed by Justice in the Class Action Settlement

Many companies have been involved in some legal trouble or two at some point because of alleged misconduct, which ends up harming their customers or targeted consumer base. 

Whenever a customer feels like they are wronged in some way and wants the company to be held accountable for their actions, they resort to filing a class action lawsuit if many other affected parties fall under the same category or have experienced the same predicament. 

This has been the case for another company yet again. This time, it involves a clothing company called Justice.

Justice stores or also known as Tween Brands retail stores, are geared towards the young tweens category with their apparel offering.

Often Moms, Aunts, and even Grandmas use them as their go-to store for their younger family members’ clothing needs. 

So what did the clothing company Justice allegedly do to earn the ire of its customers? 

According to a report appearing on Class Action Rebates, Justice resorted to maliciously mislead its customers that they are buying items at a lesser price than the regular by putting in a markdown label such as “40% OFF.” 

This would definitely entice an average customer to buy the product, but in fact, the product is regularly priced and not discounted. 

This left many loyal customers of the brand disgruntled about the company, and thus at least two class action lawsuits were filed against the company. 

Hence the incident came to be known as the Justice class action. In the face of the two Justice stores lawsuits, Tween Brands Inc. and Ascena Retail Group Inc. ended up agreeing to settle to squash the legal hurdles.

The companies behind Justice ended up coughing up $51 million in settlement funds to pay up eligible customers. 

How to know if you’re eligible for a settlement?

First and foremost, to qualify for the Justice class action settlement, you must have made a purchase at any Justice store through their physical stores nationwide or via their online shopping portal. 

Next, you can only qualify in the class action settlement if you have made the said purchase from January 1st, 2012, to February 28th of 2015. 

Justice will provide an access code for those who qualify for them to use in-stores to make their claim. 

Claims may vary depending on the state where you are at. Nevertheless, one can claim and get a guaranteed $7 cash payment or voucher. It can even go up to $30. 

If you are an avid shopper and have made more than six trips to their store or have with you a receipt or any proof of purchase of more than $105 in a single purchase, you can be entitled to receive a voucher only usable in Justice stores. 

Suppose you believe that you are eligible for one. In that case, you can reach out to your local Justice store in order to know whether you can receive a voucher if you meet the criteria mentioned above. 

justice class action

About the company

Justice is a now-defunct clothing retailer under its parent company Ascena Retail Group. Justice stores nationwide started closing due to their parent company’s bankruptcy reorganization.

Its last few remaining stores shuttered down operations in early December 2020. Its online store has also ceased to exist as well.  

Editor’s note on Justice Class Action Settlement:

This article is created to keep you in the know and inform you of the details regarding the settlement clothing store Justice has decided to take upon to end its legal troubles with its customer base. 

The class action involved a number of complaints against Justice for their fake or misleading discount offers.

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