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iCanvas Data Breach Settlement 2021 - $383,600 To End The Class Action Filed By William Riggs Over

Class Action Settlements

iCanvas Data Breach Settlement 2021 – $383,600 To End The Class Action Filed By William Riggs Over…

iCanvas Class Action Settlement Over Data Breach

iCanvas has agreed to resolve a class action settlement for $383,600 on behalf of individuals whose personal data might have been compromised in a 2020 data breach.

William Riggs v. Kroto, Inc. d/b/a iCanvas

Click to access William-Riggs-v.-Kroto-Inc.-iCanvas.pdf

The Class is comprised of all individuals living in the U.S. who received an incident notice, as well as any person claiming a right to a released claim on their behalf.

On or about June 26, 2020, iCanvas mailed notices to possibly affected consumers.

According to the notice, an unauthorized script was inserted on the iCanvas website checkout page from May 10, 2020, to May 28, 2020. The script may have gathered certain client data.

Plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit asserted that iCanvas is legally liable for the data breach, which may have exposed consumers’ names, card details, phone numbers, and email addresses, among other information.

iCanvas, which creates personalized art prints, strongly denies any wrongdoing.

Settlement Details

Class Members may seek either a basic or a reimbursement award.

Each Class Member who does not withdraw on the iCanvas Data Breach Settlement or submits a reimbursement claim will receive a basic award payment — regardless of whether they encountered any unauthorized charges on a debit or credit card used to make a purchase from iCanvas or a denied purchase.

The basic award amount will depend on the number of eligible reimbursement award claims submitted but will not exceed $10,000 in total. It will be divided pro-rata after reimbursement awards, attorneys’ fees, and other settlement fund expenses are removed.

The average pay for a basic award is projected to be around $25.

Class Members will not be reimbursed for any additional expenses, and they will not be compensated for emotional distress.

Furthermore, claimants should exhaust all accessible credit monitoring and identity theft insurance policies prior to submitting a claim for reimbursement and must include all needed information and documentation on the claim form.

Each reimbursement award payment may be increased pro-rata based on the number of valid reimbursement award claims filed.

In addition, each class member could make only one claim for reimbursement.

Anyone wishing to opt-out of the settlement or object to it must do so by September 21, 2021.

Claimants have until November 5, 2021, to submit a claim.

Editor’s Note on iCanvas Data Breach Settlement 2021:

This article is written to inform you of the class action settlement against iCanvas over a data breach incident. Another article with a similar case is the Cathay Pacific Info Settlement.

Case Name & No.: William Riggs v. Kroto, Inc. d/b/a iCanvas, Case No. 1:20-cv-5822

Jurisdiction: U.S.A.

Products/Services: Users private data

Allegations: iCanvas allegedly had an unauthorized script on its website that may have gathered private data from consumers

Status: In-progress

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