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Hyatt BIPA Settlement 2021 - Employees' Biometrics Illegally Stored & Used

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Hyatt BIPA Settlement 2021 – Employees’ Biometrics Illegally Stored & Used? $1500 To Each…

Hyatt Corp. Agrees To Enter Into Agreement, Will Pay Up $1.6 To Resolve Claims They Violated Illinois Privacy Law

Hospitality company Hyatt Corp. has agreed to pay up $1.6 million worth of settlement funds to finally end the allegations thrown against them in a class-action lawsuit arguing that they have violated their employees’ and staff’s privacy rights as mandated by the law. 

Robin Ranpai Settlement With Hyatt Pushes Through 

Hyatt Corp. originally faced a class-action lawsuit in 2017 after complainant Robin Rapai contended that the hotel company violated the state of Illinois’s Biometric Information Privacy Act or BIPA. 

Rapai further detailed that Hyatt’s management’s decision to employ the use of biometric timelocks system violated the Illinois BIPA. He added that the company did not ask for their written consent first before proceeding with their policy of biometric data collection. 

Furthermore, employees were not informed by Hyatt officials on how the gathered biometric data will be used, stored, and kept. Information about when the information will be destroyed was also withheld.

Hyatt BIPA Class Action Settlement’s Initial Details 

Initial details released relevant to the Hyatt BIPA Settlement 2021 showed that the case will cover Class members who did not participate in a collective bargaining deal with Hyatt during the prescribed Class Periods. They are listed below:

  • Employees from the Hyatt Lodge located at 2815 Jorie Blvd., Oak Brook, Illinois, that scanned their finger in the company timelock system between the dates of October 30, 2012, and February 16, 2018;
  • Staff members from Hyatt Regency McCormick Place at 2233 S. Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, who used the company timelock system between October 30, 2012, to December 12, 2018;
  • People employed in Park Hyatt Chicago at 800 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, who used the timelock software during the dates of October 30, 2012, to December 16, 2018;
  • Hyatt Regency O’Hare workers at 9300 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Rosemont, Illinois, whose fingerprints were collected by the company between October 30, 2012, to December 31, 2017; and
  • Hotel workers at the Hyatt Regency Chicago located at 151 E. Wacker Drive, Chicago, who were employed and used the company timelock software between October 30, 2012, to December 3, 2018. 

The amount Class members will receive is still not final; however, it is said that the settlement checks would be subdivided amongst eligible employee claimants after the attorney and other legal fees are subtracted from the overall settlement fund of almost $1.6 million. 

Based on early calculations, each qualified Class member may be able to receive payments amounting to $1,500. Hyatt Corp and the case’s settlement administrator will be reaching out to potential Class members via mail to provide notices containing details about the settlement and helpful information about the claims process. 

Aside from the settlement payment, Hyatt Corp. agreed to uphold the provisions of the Illinois BIPA as part of their deal with the plaintiffs to the case. 

About Hyatt Corp. 

Hyatt Hotels Corporation, also known by the names Hyatt Hotels & Resorts and Hyatt Corp. (as referred to in this feature), is a hotel and hospitality services company founded in 1957. Owned by its parent company, Global Hyatt, it is currently headed by its CEO Mark Hoplamazian since his appointment to the position in late 2006. 

Editor’s Note on Hyatt BIPA Settlement 2021:

This settlement update details the latest developments in the class action settlement revolving around Hyatt and their employees whose rights were allegedly violated after the hotel company failed to follow the provisions of Illinois’s BIPA. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Robin Rapai, et al. v. Hyatt Corp.; Case No: 17-CH-14483

Jurisdiction: Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, County Department, Chancery Division

Products/Services Involved: Illinois BIPA Law

Allegation(s): Hotel company Hyatt Corp. violated Illinois law by not ensuring consent and not informing their employees of crucial information when they collected their biometric data. 

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