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Hot Shot Fogger & Cutter Citronella Candle Settlement 2021 - Christine Mendoza v. United Industries Corp. Class Action Ends

Class Action Settlements

Hot Shot Fogger & Cutter Citronella Candle Settlement 2021 – Christine Mendoza v. United Industries Corp. Class Action Ends…

United Industries Corp. Pest Fogger And Citronella Candles Anti-Pest Products Customers Slated To Get Up To $42 Of Settlement Checks 

Home pest control solutions company United Industries Corp. has reportedly agreed to end the class-action lawsuit filed against them, alleging that they misled customers with its potentially deceptive product marketing strategies.

Christine Mendoza v. United Industries Corp. Settlement Agreement Forged 

The class action settlement will cover consumers who have bought pest fogger items and citronella-infused candle products offered by United Industries Corp. It is reported that the pest products company agreed to pay up more than $3 million worth of funds to end the class action thrown at them by the lead plaintiff to the case, Christine Mendoza.  

Filed in a court in Missouri, the United Industries Foggers And Citronella Candles Class Action Lawsuit initially accused United Industries Corp. of improperly marketing their pest control products and their purported efficacy rates. Complainant Mendoza contended that the pest product company made misleading advertising statements surrounding their products.

United Industries, on the other hand, has denied the allegations raised by Mendoza in the class action lawsuit. But they have decided to enter into a settlement with her and the other parties involved in the case to end the ongoing legal proceedings. 

Initial Settlement Brief 

The Christine Mendoza Settlement will cover the whole country and is seen to benefit everyone who has bought the products included in the class action. To find out more about the initial settlement information, refer to the following below:

  • Anyone from the United States who has bought a pest fogger and citronella candle from United Industries Corp. between the 4th of May 2015 to 7th of June 2021 is included in the class action settlement;
  • The following are the products offered by United Industries Corp. that are covered in the settlement:
    • Cutter citronella candles,
    • Repel citronella candles,
    • Black Flag total release foggers,
    • Do It Best total release foggers,
    • Eliminator total release foggers,
    • Green Thumb total release foggers,
    • Hot Shot total release foggers,
    • No Pest total release foggers,
    • Real-Kill total release foggers,
    • Rid-A-Bug total release foggers,
    • Spectracide total release foggers, and
    • TAT total release foggers.
  • No proof of purchase is required for this settlement. However, each claimant will only be able to file a claim for a maximum of two products amounting to $7 each for a total of $14;
  • Those who can present proof of purchase will be allowed to make up to only six claims which total to up to $42;
  • The final settlement check amounts each individual will receive is subject to the number of claims they have filed;
  • Consumers who wish to join the settlement proceedings and file a claim can do so only until the 20th of September 2021. 
  • Meanwhile, those who do not want to participate can send their filing until the 5th of September, 2021. The settlement’s fairness hearing is scheduled to fall on the 23rd of the same month. 

As part of the agreed-upon settlement conditions between the parties involved, United Industries Corp. has agreed to change its product packaging to indicate the accurate and correct information about its citronella candles and pest foggers’ purported efficacy rates.

Editor’s Note on Hot Shot Fogger & Cutter Citronella Candle Settlement 2021

This settlement feature discusses some key details about the settlement agreement between United Industries Corp. and its customers.

Case Name(s) & No.: Christine Mendoza, et al. v. United Industries Corp.; Case No.: 21PH-CV00670

Jurisdiction: Phelps County Circuit Court in Missouri 

Products/Services Involved: United Industries’ pest foggers and citronella candles 

Allegation(s): United Industries marketed its products through misleading advertising. 

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